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Serperior98's Design Studio

Akira-Solana One

In 2018, Akira showcased the Concept GT500 as a luxurious GT car. A luxurious, 2 door GT car that would sport a naturally aspirated V8. It would serve as a preview of the flagship model of the revived Solana range of vehicles. The design of the car started off in a partnership with SMC and their Eterea GTS. However, both companies had decided to split off the partnership, as they couldn’t agree on the direction each company wanted to take. The final agreement would allow both cars to keep their original exterior designs and the shared chassis design, but would no longer share drivetrains and technology or be built in the same factory.

2018 Akira-Solana Concept GT 500

Two years had passed since, and Akira has finally unveiled the complete production model. Some changes were made to the styling, but the car would remain largely faithful to the concept showcased years earlier. The car would also be renamed from “GT500” to the “One”, to denote the car’s position at the top of the range.

2021 Akira-Solana One

Featuring a naturally aspirated 5 liter V8, producing 312kw, and rear wheel drive.

The car has an 9 speed automatic transmission, with electronic limited slip differential at the rear.

While it does go fast, the car is meant to be a comfortable long distance cruiser.

Although, if you do want to go faster, rumour has it that Akira is still in talks with SMC to license the 480kw twin turbo V10 as seen in the Eterea GTS.


Akira Microsport


In 1965, Akira released a small lightweight sportscar. With its 2 meter wheelbase, 698kg weight, and 70kw 4 pot boxer engine, the car was an instant hit among enthusiasts.

With 70kw and its 698kg weight, this little car was quite fast, often keeping up with cars with twice as much power.

It also handled like a dream.


In 2020, Akira wanted to make a modern Microsport, inspired by the original. To allow for better weight distribution, it was decided earlier on that the car would have be mid-engined. The new Microsport would be only slightly larger than the original, with its 2.3 meter wheelbase. The car would also have modern-retro styling cues calling back to the original.

The car would have a modern 2 liter 4 pot boxer engine. The naturally aspirated unit produces 142kw. more than twice what the original car made.

Due to modern safety requirements, the car weighs more than the original, although at 1019kg, it’s still very lightweight. Being a niche product, its being produced in limited quantities, around 500 a year, and its not cheap either.


1965 Breckenridge Chariot 305

The pony car for the gentleman.

The 305 cubic inch V8 means this luxury pony is as fast as it is elegant.

Hope you can afford the fuel though.


SMC Anda Superleggera Squadra Corse

This super lightweight racing car is based on the already light Anda sports car from SMC. with its 346kw (464hp) 2.2l engine and its 1076kg weight, Professional racing teams will appreciate this little rocket on race day.

Seen next to a standard Anda, the Superleggera SC is lower, tighter and much, much more powerful.

The car also sports a minimalist livery inspired by the first ever Squadra Corse developed racecar, the MRX from 1995, although, prospective buyers can buy the car as a blank slate for their own custom liveries. As with the regular Anda, the barrier for entry is quite low,. Your race team can get one at just under $70k.


1979 Akira Metro

The first generation of the Metro, introduced as a compact family sedan. The Metro was Akira’s first front wheel drive car.

Engine options include a a 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engines. Transmission options included a 3 speed automatic (available only on the 1.6 and 1.8 liter variants) and a 4 speed manual.

The car was facelifted for 1982 onwards, which would last until the Metro II in 1986. For MY1985, Akira released the special edition Metro 200SE.

The 200SE served to test out new technologies in development for the next generation of Akira cars, such as electronic fuel injection and a newly developed 4 speed automatic.

The car came with an experimental 2.0l 4 cylinder with EFI, and a new 4 speed automatic. The car was also fitted with other premium features such as leather seats, 4 speaker audio system, and the exclusive copper coloured wheels and trim accents.

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