Service Costs

I’m trying to build more realistic cars… and all of my designs seem to have service costs that run into the thousands of dollars per year. That sounds crazy, and well beyond regular/normal maintenance costs for a new car! I try to keep performance (of each part) in what seems like reasonable ranges. So does this indicate flaws in the engine design still? Performance bugs? Something else?

Also, figures like relability, performance index, etc… Is that out of 100? Or, to ask another way, what’s figure that a real life customer would expect? Will there be a way to compare the vehicles stats vs a target demographic? A class or competitor metric?

edit: hmm… no answers… rephrased post for clarity :wink:


Service costs usually are can be anywhere from 800 dollars up to 4000 dollars and even more. Usually the cars I design are somewhere between 1000-2000 dollars yearly service costs.

Some things that impact service costs are :

  • Engine air intake (Performance or race)
  • overall engine/car reliability
  • your used parts, generally more expensive parts (for example Electronic LSD gearbox) means overal higher service costs

Yes, the service costs numbers are really off right now :slight_smile: so don’t worry about those just yet. They are not comparable with real life numbers yet.

Oh thank goodness… I was losing my mind trying figure out how I was designing such bad engines lol!

Cant wait until the 1000 per year service cost addition for a different intake will be gone lol. A CAI filter is like 30 USD and washable anyways :stuck_out_tongue:.

I tend to ignore the “yearly” and think of it as 5-year costs, Which would, while still off, be more accurate.