Share your favourite country features?

I didn’t know what to name this but,
Share your:
1: Favourite flag
2: Favourite national anthem (either melodical or lyrical)
3: Or overall favourite country
4: Favourite whatever about some country
5: Favourite capital city

-Norfolk island flag
-Lyrically Voća q Àgman
-No overall fave
-Idk what to put here

I think this is a cool idea :stuck_out_tongue:

1: Australian Northern Territory flag, or the Marshall Islands flag
2: I don’t really remember any national anthems, but there was one of the countries in the 2014 FIFA World Cup that had a very upbeat anthem.
3: Sweden. I’ve never been, but there’s just something about it. They produce good music, and the place looks beautiful (judging from my Dad’s photographs there).
4. Huh?
5. Rome. Beautiful place, one of the best places I’ve ever been. :slight_smile:


Favorite Flag: Laotian Flag from '52-'75

Favorite National Anthem: Russian National Anthem (I like the Star Spangled Banner as well, but liking things about the United States is apparently very gauche.)
Favorite Country: I find Vietnam to be absolutely fascinating, both culturally and geographically. I’ve never been, but would love to go.
Favorite Whatever…: …
Favorite Capital: The Hague in the Netherlands is a beautiful city.

Well, color me “gauche”!!! I have been to many places around the world, but home is always closest to the heart.

]Favourite flag:]
*]Favourite national anthem (either melodical or lyrical): The Star Spangled Banner…they have National Anthems in *other countries too?/:m]
]Or overall favourite country: Well, The United States, of course!
]Favourite whatever about some country: I loved my time in the USMC over in the Far East. I think Japan was amazing (as was S Korea, Bangladesh, The Phillipines, Hong Kong, and Sydney, Australia!), and I have been fascinated with the culture and history ever since I first set foot on the island nation in Tokyo. I really would like to see Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, however. /:m]
]Favourite capital city:
For those who do not know, this is the Marine Corps War Memorial next to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. Photo was taken my me in 2010. :slight_smile:/

I never knew you were in the military, thank you for your service!

I concur with everything you stated except my “Favorite whatever about some country” is:

The National Anthem of South Africa combines 5 languages, and it is a pretty good song to boot.

I greatly respect your love of our country and thank you for your service!

I just really hope the comment on national anthems was a joke

Of course it was a joke. It was my efforts to be even MORE guache. :smiley:

Don’t make me sing O Canada in response, eh? :smiley:

But my responses (besides the obvious MURRICA) would be:

1: Spain. There’s a lot of history in the components of this one, including the historical flag of the 5 ancient kingdoms that made up Spain: Navarra, Castille, Aragon, Leon, and Granada. (OK, let’s just forget for a moment that Granada, which is represented as the bottom white portion with the flower, was actually an Arabic emirate for a while after the Reconquista… and Galicia, which is northwestern Spain north of Portugal, isn’t represented)

2: That would require me to be a little more cultured than I am. Cause pretty much the only ones I know are the US and Canada.

3: Would have to go with Spain again, for its varied and interesting culture and history. That peninsula has been influenced by pretty much every ancient culture group in Europe at one point or another, as well as numerous North African and Arabic ones. There’s also so much wonderful architecture there.

4: Deviating from Spain for a bit… Canada! Hockey, eh?

5: OK, this one I will answer with Washington, DC. If you ignore the politicians, lobbyists, and lawyers… There’s a lot of history and monuments to explore. The Smithsonian was one of my favorite stops there my last time around. And assuming it’s not 80 degrees out with six billion percent relative humidity, the outdoor monuments are great too.


2: None really… God save the Queen? (I am too British :stuck_out_tongue:)
3: New Zealend… 'cos (never been there though, just want to)
4: Sierra Nevada, Spain. So beautiful. (near Granada too, becoming famous this place is)


^Might be staying here this winter :smiley:

5: Been to two - London: s*it. Madrid - only seen the airport. Can’t choose them. Favourite city is either Los Angeles, CA, USA; Flagstaff, AZ, USA or Valencia, Spain

2. Indonesia Raya!!!
3. Indonesia…
4. The mountain pass called Puncak! I love it! By the way my dad was racing there and he was nearly fall into the valley andThe traffic jam… in my country

. Oh dear god
5. Jakarta