Sharing Automation x BeamNG files?

I do not know how to share the cars I have made inside Automation and crossed over to with the community. Do I need to start some type of website and link those files here or can I just upload the files to this site? And if I can upload files directly to this site, is it better to upload them as Automation files or BeamNG files?

There is a tool in automation where if you click on a trim while in the menu it will give you the option to export a car ( i will take a screenshot in a sec to show you)

Thank you for responding. The information I am after is how to share my files with this community. I can share my Automation files with BeamNG, now how do I share with the community at large?

You can just drag and drop the .car file on the text box when writing a new message on the forum.

If I recall the fully exported Beam Mod files are too large to be uploaded here, however there are other ways

1st you could continue to upload your cars on the Beam NG website and post links to them on here
2nd you can save the car as an automation .car file and upload that here for the community to download, import them to automation and export them for themselves.

Thank you everyone for your replies. I shall endeavor to pass along quality cars for all to enjoy.