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Ilaris, IAS, ACR, VMS

Look at the various companies I've droned up in this thread. Some wonderful, others not. Enjoy.
The World

The companies I run are based on a planet named ‘Lionyamar’. It is roughly the size of earth and largely identical in physical properties, though with a significantly heightened concentration of aluminium.

The Countries (that matter for this thread)

Alagnomar States
The Alagnomar States is a country comprised of an island archipelago in the north of the planet. It is remarkable for the steep mountains and its wealthy nature, for being relatively poor in resources, and unfavourable for farming. A real life equivalent could be Norway; just more populous.
The capital is Astret Tolokta, meaning literally ‘North City’ in the local language.
The country has a wide array of transportation methods, from the airplane, hydrofoil, regular boat, train, and of course the humble car, with a series of well-maintained federal highways and the roads that accompany them.

ACR Aerospace is headquartered in the capital city, producing aircraft, cars, boats, consumer electronics, rockets, and much more.

Idene Aerospace Systems, or IAS for short, is headquartered in the city widely regarded as the ‘second’ capital. It is based in Archii, the most populous city in the north of the country.

Ilaris Motors and its parent company is headquartered in the aptly-named Ilarid, a smaller, but still noteworthy city in the middle of the country, roughly.

Saratos Federation

The Saratos Federation is a relatively poor but sizable country situated in the subtropics of the planet. As a result, it is fairly dry, but a series of mountain ranges and the sea result in the coastal areas receiving large volumes of rainfall. The centre of the country is extremely dry however, and mostly uninhabited. The country maintains a small network of paved roads serving as the highways between the wetter north and south, snaking their way through the dry desert over hundreds of miles. The capital, and the other significant cities, maintain modern highway networks, and have fairly good quality roads. The capital is named Auraktael, with the northern capital being Ovaktael.

There is one auto manufacturer in the country, being V’Airia Manchi Saratosi, or VMS for short. They produce cars mostly for their own country, though the low cost and profit margin would make export infeasible even if the cars were any good.

The Solar System

Lionyamar is one of the planets in the Solanis system, a binary star system which hosts three inner terrestrial planets, two of which are hospitable. There are an additional two gas giants and a brown dwarf on the outer edge of the system. Is it feasible in the real universe? No, but I find it’s a nice place to base fantasy and stories out of.

ilaris_logo Ilaris Motors

Ilaris Motors is a car manufacturer based out of Ilarid, Alagnomar States. They are known for designing and producing light cars, and pay for their lightness in lack of crash safety. Its parent company holds a turbine engineering firm and a metallurgy company.

2023 Lineup (WIP)

2014-Present Ilaris Iliad

Named after the poem and not the word’s meaning, the Iliad is a C-segment hatchback known for its peppy handling and reliability. The seventh generation Iliad was introduced in 2014, and was facelifted in 2018. It is equipped with a 1.6L naturally aspirated or turbocharged inline-4, and a 1.8L variant, both NA and turbocharged. (Participant in QFC24.)

2023-Present Ilaris Ion

Barring the luxury Imperial, the Ion is Ilaris’s most premium model on offer. It comes in coupé (pictured) and sedan body styles. The vehicle is equipped with either a 1.3L inline-3 for export markets, 1.8L turbocharged boxer-4, 2.0L NA boxer-4, or a ridiculous 800-horsepower twin-turbocharged 3.2L boxer-6. This third generation model was introduced in 2023, and the exclusive Powerstar Sprint R trim holds the company record for top speed, achieving 405km/h. The platform on which it is based, the Ilaris C-FR platform, both has provisions for inline, boxer and V-engines, in in both longitudinal FWD and RWD/AWD.

To be made for '23:
Ilaris Imperial
Ilaris Ilis
Ilaris Imbe
Ilaris Iscal

ACR Aerospace

ACR Aerospace is a design and manufacturing company based out of Astret Tolokta, Alagnomar States. They design and produce a very wide variety of things, from all kinds of vehicles to home appliances. Their cars, however, are known for their stubbornness on the inline-6 and the relative ease of servicing that their cars enjoy, making them popular in the less wealthy regions of the planet.

2023 Lineup (very WIP)

2020-Present ACR Aurak (CE)

The Aurak has been ACR’s midrange model for many years at this point, replacing the recently upmarket Lanea and its derivatives. It is equipped with the usual straight-six, coming in both 2.0L and 3.0L variants, the latter being available with a turbocharger for the ‘sequential turbocharged injection’ (STi) trim.

2022 ACR Lanea Cross

It wouldn’t be the modern day without a boring SUV. It comes with 3-liter inline-6, naturally aspirated, and is offered in rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations. Not much else to say about it, it’s a modern SUV.

To be made for '23:
ACR Lanea
ACR Alakis
ACR A-Star


Idene Aerospace Systems, or IAS, is an aerospace manufacturing company based in Archii, Alagnomar States. It produces luxury and executive vehicles, mostly for domestic use, and for dictators and despots abroad. The cars are known for their relative unreliability among the optioned out models, and generally having a pretty big pricetag.

2023 Lineup (also very WIP)

2020 IAS Vulture

The Vulture has been IAS’s flagship sports car, and the 2020 model did not disappoint in terms of its speed. It comes with a straight-six, and is pretty quick, corners okay and is not too uncomfortable for being a sports car. Expected for the company, I guess.

To be made for '23:
IAS Griffin
IAS Gryphon
IAS Wyvern
IAS Serpent


V’Airia Manchi Saratosi, meaning ‘Vehicle Manufacturing Saratos’, or VMS for short, is a car manufacturing and design company based in Auraktael, Saratos Federation. They make cars for those without budget. A car whose only purpose is to go from A to B with as little up-front investment as possible. And they deliver, mostly.

Currently, VMS only has one established line of cars, being the 1992-2008 VMS Planae, a rear-engined, carbureted, boxer-powered box, selling for a mere 9,000$.


Good company! hope to see more cars, keep up the good work!

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On the other hand, their light weight pays dividends when it comes to performance and fuel economy.