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Silver-York Posting - Archived

Very nicely done! I do love how they all look very much like they share the same ‘genetics’. It’s a much harder feat to pull off that people think!

@machalel that’s the idea! So I’m glad I’m doing that!

@donutsnail it takes work! You’ll get there!

Silver-York’s next generation luxury car the 1984 Sovereign. Just a teaser image ready for the full reveal.
With a completely new designed chassis, platform, engine, gearbox… Well everything


I see a hint of Lagonda in that shape. excitement intensifies



1984 Silver-York Sovereign, a true Silver-York featuring technology of the future while retaining the quality and luxury that is to be expected from a 80 year old world renowned luxury car company such as Silver-York

The Silver-York Sovereign as shown above in advertisement material that was in circa during late 83 and throughout 84 the brand ensured that it’s brand image wasn’t effected by it’s push for innovation and the decline of the motor industry. The struggling car industry made an effort to down size and sacrifice quality of the cars. Silver-York ensured that it would push on and be stubborn, although downsizing it’s car were now higher quality than previous generations, faster, smoother, and more innovative which allowed Silver-York to start appealing to foreign markets.


1984 Silver-York Signature series.
In Artic-Breeze we have the Silver-York Margrave IV. Silver-Yorks continuation of it’s personal luxury car series, featuring smoother suspension, more class, more comfort and more Silver-York.

Next to it in Majesties-Ruby we have the Silver-York Sovereign, a full-sized luxury sedan, building upon the successful Sovereign series this brings everything you’ve come to expect from a Sovereign and much more.


unpopular opinion here:

i am not a fan of the '84 Sovereign

kinda random and overstyled imo
(most if not all of the small trim pieces are not really necessary imo)

The year is 1935 and the world renowned Silver-York Motor event is soon to be held in the Captial.
In just a few months time Silver-York will be unveiling a selection of cars.
A times interview with the CEO of Silver-York hinted at a selection of unique and special models being made. All we know is that the theme of this year’s event is ‘Art Deco’, something Silver-York has had a close relationship over the last 20 years.



The 1935 Silver-York Rouge-Teleiótita.
One of two Teleiótita Silver-York ever made.
A car built to show the world what Silver-York was capable of. Proving that Gasmea was not only a world leader in engineering but it could design incredible looking cars.
Designed and engineered completely inhouse and in secret, it was unveiled at the 1935 Gasmean motorshow to an astonished crowd.
With it’s Foreign curves and it’s glorious Art-Deco details. A few months later Silver-York unveiled the 2nd Teleiótita. the Silver-York Marine-Teleiótita a blue goddess with oceanic themed Art-Deco design.
(more lore and info coming soon)



This is very accurate.

@CMT I try, but I think it turned out good! Not 100% happy with it though

This is some of the most spectacular work I’ve seen in Automation :heart_eyes: I’d love to see where it could go with the Cadillac direction and start making modern luxury and badass muscle cars!

Ahhhh thank you!
I’ve got an idea of what direction I’m gonna to with when it gets modern but it is gonna move away from Cadillac tbh… But I’m not to sure about the creation of muscle cars.



For 1961 Silver-York redesigned the now-famous Sovereign sedan, it was introduced with a unique design, with a completely redesigned front end. The car became more restrained than in previous years due to the trend in vehicle design becoming more streamline.
The car featured double Bench-seats with full leather seats, a custom AM radio unit. For 1961 Silver-York dropped the in-car-phonograph due to a lack in popularity. Included in 1961 was Silver-Yorks new 410CI big-block V8 being one of Silver-York’s smoothest engines made this side of the century.
The styling of the car may have become more restrained but it became longer, lower, sleeker and most of all more luxurious.

The 1961 Sovereign 4-Dr sedan is shown in Faded Topaz with a Signature pearl town tone.


Always love your your creations dude, keep it up!

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Finally we get to see the immediate predecessor of the seminal '65 Sovereign. The '61 model is an absolute stunner, just like its successors - and as with those, the four-door version will be joined by two-door trims in due course.

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@abg7 annoyingly there is no two door on this body.
And I do need to make the '63 model which is currently a old WIP