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Silver-York is my main brand
It’s a true Gasmean brand, founded in 1904.

Here I will share pictures of Silver-York models including lore, model information, history etc.

Silver-York is my main project with cars that are world class. Luxury is Silver-Yorks main aim and they have delivered it for years. Being a company to produce cars that set standards… From their styling, ride style, to introducing new technology. Silver-York has lead the way for years.


This is definitely one of the best-looking 60s full-size land yachts I’ve seen so far. It definitely deserves to be offered in two other body styles: a two-door coupe and a four-door sedan.


@abg7 Well… Or there are is a 2 door and both a sedan and Brougham available. I will post pictures.
However only the Brougham and coupe come with the 7.7L and the standard sedan and hard top 2 door come with a 7.3L.
I will slowly get round to posting these.

A really nice mid sixties American full-size! It’s very promising start for Silver-York - I’m curious to see other models of this company!


@RedRiot Well… the back catalogue is very full. 4 of Silver-York’s models have been put into the auction. But we’ve got models from 49-85 atm.


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This presentation piece by Silver-York shows the 1965 Hard roof side-profiles excluding the 49 Series.

Top left we have the Sovereign Sedan,
Next to it is the Sovereign Brougham,
Middle left we have The the Sovereign Hard top 2DR,
With the Sovereign Coupe sat next to it,
Finally on the bottom left we have the Precinct Hard top
With the Precinct SS

What’s your favourite 65 Side profile?
And which colour model is your favourite from the 65 range on display?


Hello there from Discord. I have the high ground.

Anyways, I hope you could do more phenomenal cars.

Hmm… @DeadStar76 there’s a few more coming as you know

The hardtop in blue please!

Keep up the great design.

I like the Greenhorn ;))

Awww… The budget Silver-York Sovereign model :joy::joy::joy:

Ow I know you do… I see you bidding that boi up

I prefer the exact same thing.

Those are really nice

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1949-1986 Silver-York lineup (with many models missing)
Left to right:
1949 Silver-York 49 Brougham
1952 Silver-York 49 Brougham
1965 Silver-York Sovereign Brougham
1965 Silver-York Precinct SS
1971 Silver-York Sovereign Brougham
1975 Silver-York Sovereign Brougham
1975 Silver-York Sovereign Greenhorn
76 Provost is missing due to BORKED body
1982 Silver-York Sacramento
1986 Silver-York Margrave MKVI

More models will come, if you have any questions about any of the models shown just ask


Also the Brougham line from 49-75
Many models are missed out here however they are still WIP


Very good mix of Lincoln and Cadillac.

I love the American boats! I’m glad someone has a company with them!


Probably would never drive one though.
But there’s a quite a few who make boats! It’s just my speciality

These look fantastic! My Turból brand has a few land yachts in its stable, but the quality of my designs pale in comparison to these.