Simulate real company with techpool ideas

In the tech pool box in the car designer, it says you can simulate a real real company per car and engine by putting in the numbers for each part of a car. I was wondering what the numbers would be for real companies. I don’t really know much about cars so I don’t know.

It’s a number that represents the lead the company has over “average”. No fixed number per company, no fixed number per year. Add a point or 2 to test.

The best way to get a grasp of that is playing the campaign. From my experience - though on somewhat low difficulty due to the finance side of things being pure black magic for me - it seems like the default 5 is a pretty normal value from around the 80s onwards.

IMO keeping a consistent standard about that in the challenges would be very helpful, as that would encourage actually using it - let’s be honest, many people make sandbox cars nowadays directly because of the challenges they participate in (and don’t post them in any brand threads, which often even don’t exist), so as long as challenges are mostly “don’t touch it, simpler that way” it’s probably not gonna see widespread use here on the forum.

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Recently, I’ve seen several challenges in which the tech pool is set to 0 for all areas, to make the resulting cars as similar to those made in pre-tech pool builds as possible. This may be the reason why:

I’m happy to provide more details about that. After having the idea suggested to me, I played around with the idea of using techpool in a way where you got an allocation of a certain number of points to spend as you choose. It sounded like a great solution and I figured it would probably use the mechanic most effectively in a challenge situation. What I quickly found out was that in Sandbox, there being no cost to using the points makes it useless. The areas where quality does more (but quality, unlike techpool, costs more in those areas and adds more ET/PU) are the areas where the points are far more effective. What this means is that a meta for where to spend the points would develop nearly immediately, you would wind up spending the points in the places that gave the most benefit instead of the places you wanted your build to stand apart, and at the end of the day this means using techpool in a challenge in its’ current state really wouldn’t add anything worthwhile.