Simulation documentation?

I recently bought the game to help support development and can’t wait for the full tycoon mode (pure sandbox games are boring!).

I’ve been wondering whether the detail of the simulation will ever be explained, so that people don’t waste their time trying to use real world design techniques that have no effect in the game. In particular, I get the feeling from experimentation that centre of gravity isn’t modelled in any sophisticated way as oversquare and undersquare engines of the same weight and configuration don’t seem to have any effect on handling, despite oversquare having a lower CoG in real life (excl. wide angle Vs and boxers). Same with OHV vs OHC engines, where OHV should have lower/centralised CoG.

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Center of gravity is properly simulated, what isn’t is engine scaling properly with different bore and stroke. Yet, on average, undersquare engines will be lighter in the game though. In UE4 the engine models will be reworked so that there is a larger difference between something like OHV vs DOHC.

If it is going to be explained? Hard to tell, it’s difficult to draw the line of what to explain and what not. If we’d go that deep into all design decisions we’d work half a year only to get the tutorials done :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: