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I’m really loving this new wave of making presentations and showcases look like you’re actually on a car website, and this I have to see is one of the best that have appeared so far (apart from the new Quezon thread presentation) This inspired, enthusiastic and sometimes cheesy lines fit so well into a real-life perspective onto how companies present their vehicles on websites. Although the engine choices do feel quite limited compared to other real-life examples like the Charger/Challenger and Camaro. It makes more sense when you realize that the Corsica company is having financial struggles, so having a big option for engines isn’t very realistic and I love that little detail, and this entire thing makes me feel like I can just go out and actually buy myself a Cheetah right now. Good job, Corsica, because you really hit it out of the ballpark with this one.


@yangx2 <3

The 1980s saw an unprecedented growth for China’s automotive industry, both in importing and exporting. It was during this period that multiple western manufacturers saw an opportunity to expand operations and get more money, striking partnerships with Chinese companies to produce cars locally. These joint-ventures were formed due to both ease of entering the market and certain laws signed in by the Chinese government, targeting local manufacturing in specific.

After the 70’s and continuing to the 80’s, Sisten became an expert at shitting the bed as a company. Fallout from both of the crisis’ with Corsica’s expensive introduction and rollout became two of the largest factors in Sisten attempting to scrape up money in any way humanly possible. CEO Jack Tennant (CEO of the Sisten Motor Company, former neuroscientist) regularly went picking coins out of fountains to fund the new Sisten S1500’s development. It was this period when Tennant also set his eyes on China, an emerging market that would surely love their turds and after negotiations with exactly one company, Sisten found a partner with the Honghu Automotive Corporation, a choice which had obvious reasoning: this would create a chance for Sisten to escape it’s deathbed and for Honghu to produce cars that weren’t exclusively comparable to a burnt cardboard box. Also Innis. Their joint-venture as Honghu-Sisten was formally signed into agreement on July 6th, 1985 with their first factory in Wuhan, Hubei opening just six months later where the venture’s first vehicle, a reworked Sisten Trebla, would then begin production.

The 1994 Auto Policy was established a so called “50% + 2” rule, which “were considered as a necessary policy to buy local automakers time to gain the skills, master the technology and build the brands to allow them to compete before international automakers would be unfettered access to the China market.” Those sure are some words lined up to resemble and English-language sentence. This forced Sisten to give up its majority in the joint-venture as both companies now held 50% investments.


The third generation Sisten Sunburst was launched at the 2016 Shanghai Auto Show as a budget compact sedan exclusive to the Chinese market. Slotting between the Arena and Avansar hatchbacks and below the Astem sedan, the Sunburst starts at ¥82,900 or around $12,700.

Mechanically, it’s underpinnings lie on Sisten’s Rocoto platform which it shares with Sisten Avansar and Taluvec Avigate. While all three share the front MacPherson Strut suspension layout, Sunburst utilizes a different semi-trailing arm rear suspension design as a cost-cutting measure and does not receive the 2.0 liter Ecotron engine, instead being optioned with either a 1.2 Ecopower 3-cylinder or the 1.8 Teuro 4-cylinder. Despite being mechanically more akin to the 2011 3rd generation model, multiple body panels are shared with the 4th generation Avansar hatchback, launched around Europe and in the US in 2019.

The 2016 Sunburst reuses the name of an unrelated compact sedan sold by Sisten in North America between 1981 and 1991 across two generations, despite these models having no name recognition or importance in the Chinese market.

Just one engine is available with two variants: the base 1.2 liter 3-cylinder EcoPower generates 78 horsepower, gets over 40MPG and has acceleration comparable to a glacier. The turbocharged version gets a boost to 100HP and 90 lb-ft of those torque stuffs, fuel economy stays at around 41MPG. All models are front-wheel drive and feature a 5-speed manual with a 6-speed automatic available as an option. Got nothing else to type ok byeee


Man, I love the design of the 3rd gen Sunburst. I’d love to turn it into a track monster.
If you want to see some of my designs (Race Cars (Sharing, Commissions..) Suggest your own cars!), I hope that will help to make up your mind :wink:

Anyways let me know!

Above, a TV advert aired around 1985 as part of the Sisten EXC’s launch. “Today’s Excitement”, featured at the end, was Sisten’s tagline from the 80s to the early 90s and was one of the many ideas outlined by the company to bring in a younger, more youthful customer base. To finish it all off, the ad featured a contemporary rock song by some guys who were pretty popular about a decade earlier.



December 25, 2020


- Damian Davies
CEO and President of Sisten Motor Company

That went well! As 2020 is closing up, let’s report on the sales of Sisten, Taluvec and Corsica. Now while we are most definitely not looking for anyone to buy SMC out, we also aren’t hoping to continue this “producing-and-selling-cars” thing alone. I repeat: we are not looking for buyers! But please make a bid we’re desperate for money i’m literally begging you if this company goes under then my wife’s going to leave me we can’t handle this virus situation anymore please


MONTHLY Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Sisten 234,329 181,816 200,011 185,790 176,332 199,958 211,732 229,534 210,123 194,036 187,256 184,284
Taluvec 13,730 5,392 7,158 9,164 8,153 12,261 14,562 10,212 9,255 10,100 6,963 6,755
Corsica 18,341 12,007 15,589 9,126 12,338 15,242 18,260 15,347 20,859 16,702 14,333 12,541
TOTAL SALES 2020 2019 % Change
Sisten 2,395,201 2,787,954 -14.1
Taluvec 113,345 130,587 -13.2
Corsica 180,685 208,840 -13.5
Total 2,689,231 3,127,381 -14


MONTHLY Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Sisten 374,829 271,000 295,362 252,876 250,276 310,273 390,774 390,128 368,004 369,012 375,944 380,639
Taluvec 36,476 14,909 16,165 17,234 20,574 23,622 30,674 31,228 28,953 25,665 25,373 23,194
Corsica 20,382 14,958 18,635 11,213 13,978 19,041 23,302 19,740 23,115 16,991 17,261 14,123
TOTAL SALES 2020 2019 % Change
Sisten 4,029,117 4,904,325 -17.8
Taluvec 294,067 420,730 -30.1
Corsica 212,739 220,389 -3.5
Total 4,535,923 5,545,444 -18.2

And finally,

Happy Holidays
from the family at Sisten. Here’s to 2021

©2020 Sisten Motor Company. All Rights Reserved.



Reach Out.

Improving on an SUV as iconic as Tenaya is so much more than simply looks. It’s about making the most flexible, advanced and impressive Tenaya yet - with more traveler space, more comfortable ride and handling and more ways to go beyond any challenges earth may throw at you. Power, style and plentiful amounts of space continue to make the all-new 2021 Sisten Tenaya stand out among rivals.

Sisten designers have created an entirely new look for Tenaya with a bolder, more meaningful stance and proportions. The standout feature is at the front, where the redesigned imposing chrome grille gives a sense of class and luxury, amplified by other chrome elements featured at both the sides and rear.

The Beauty Within.

The All-New Tenaya offers best-in-class second-row leg room, a newly expanded third row and best-in-class cargo volume, so you’ll have plenty of room for anyone – or anything – that comes along for the ride.

from $52,000

The Tenaya, period. Standard with the 3.8 liter turbocharged V6 and 9-speed Automatic transmission. 19-inch wheels and dual Wireless Charging modules included.

from $59,900

All the essentials, all the adventure. Standard with the 5.0 liter V8. 19 speaker Ultrasound Surround Sound System and Front/Rear Park Assist included.

LS Premium
from $71,200

Long live the king. Standard with the 5.8 liter V8. Magnetic Ride Control with Airglide© Adaptive Suspension included.



2020 Calero
from $26,500
A style unlike anything else.


2020 GS
from $35,400
America’s sedan.

©2021 Sisten Motor Company. All Rights Reserved.


Awesome as always, Corsica!

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Easily one of the best-looking modern full-size SUVs I’ve ever seen. Well done!

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Sisten is going electric. Be prepared.




A new beginning, as they call it. The Sisten Verve is the future turned present with an unique style of its own, designed to deliver an exceptional emotional experience.

From 0 to 62mph, RWD

Rapid Charging

Up to 480 miles
Maximum range capacity, RWD

Based on the cutting edge SHEP Platform, Verve is the first of three revolutionary All-Electric Vehicles to be launched in 2021 by Sisten. Starting from now, you can experience the benefits of Sisten’s innovative style, electric power and crossover toughness in one, thought-out package.


Creating a fine balance between striking and glamorous, the Verve has been designed to draw attention to its captivating elements, no matter where it goes. Full LED Head- and Taillights garnish the front and rear with the Piano Black side cladding giving the car a tough, yet sporty look. This truly is unlike any Sisten you’ve seen before.


Customization has never been more up to you than with Verve. Choose from 15 exterior colors, 9 choices of wheels and 4 interior trimmings - this is your car, after all.


Under the body is an electric motor pack generating a combined 85 kWh, featuring Rear- (ST) or All-Wheel Drive (EX). No matter the drivetrain, the Verve sprints from 0 to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds, guaranteeing a thrilling ride wherever you go. With 200 kW Fast Charging, the batteries go from empty to fully charged in just 35 minutes. Welcome to 2021.

The underfloor battery design results in a near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution. Were the looks not enough to convice you of its sporting aspirations?


Featuring an 85 kWh Battery capacity and Rear-Wheel Drive.


Featuring an 85 kWh Battery capacity and All-Wheel Drive.

Prices to be announced at a later date.

Stay tuned. We aren’t finished yet.

©2021 Sisten Motor Company. All Rights Reserved.


Quite a lot of succ for an EV. Cool design, it really looks good, which is quite an achievement with a crossover-liftback (called crossover coupe by blasphemers) body style. Also I love the wide colour choice (unlike many real cars).

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Finally, an EV with… Verve? No wonder it lives up to its name! At any rate, and in any color, it deserves some garage space next to a Corsica Cheetah (which would still be reserved for, and better suited to, properly spirited driving) - I just wish some more of its brighter exterior colors (such as lime green or bright yellow) were shared with other Corsicas and Sistens.

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You’re seeing this right?

Not a lot of people who can get away with saying such bold things. Great presentation as always!


Pre-orders for the MY2022 Sisten Verve are now open. Follow the link to order a Verve BeamNG File up to your spec.


Exclusivity is fun. The first five orderers will be entitled to Verve Love Edition - Featuring full equipment options, an exclusive Sunburst Orange finish and specific insignias dedicated to you, the owner. This is for you.

Big, big thank you to the ever so lovely @DoctorNarfy for the EV drivetrain conversion <3

I truly hope everyone still understands that all of this is a simple side project to real-life. Please do not expect me to start rolling these cars out as soon as “the orders” start, it’s all just a simple pastime I’m already lucky enough to take part in. Cheers.


This is a really fun idea and I appreciate the effort going into this neat little project!
Pre-ordered a Verve as soon as I read I could and I’m looking forward to receiving it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I promise I’ll be patient…

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That offer has finally made the Verve an EV you can love - and it fills you with as much want-one lust as a V8 Cheetah. And this next bit - it’s a godsend for anyone who wants to drive an EV in Beam.

That was for Beam, but I understand that you had to build it in Automation yourself before converting it to Beam - and since Automation does not support electric powertrains, what engine did you use as a placeholder? I suspect it’s something already used in another Corsica/Sisten.

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so uhh we have yet to talk about deposits and pricing


1993 - 2006

The 90’s! A time of prosperity, hope, and opulence. It was this period during which Sisten exemplified itself as a manufacturer that took the ever-emerging Chinese market seriously. After their initial hook-up the decade prior, Sisten and Honghu were in a healthy relationship going into the 90s with Sisten sharing its seed by providing advanced western technologies to the growing brand and with Honghu making it much easier for Sisten to grow it’s brand… and to allow them to sell their cars in the market in the first place but whatever. Possibly the most important thing to come from the collaboration was the knowledge gained by Honghu, eventually making them confident enough to expand business to western markets. Anyways, the 1993 Sisten CS.

What caused the CS, officially a Sisten STN7181, was a need for an affordable compact sedan for Sisten to sell. Importing the Sunburst, designed for American tastes, was out of the question due to price concerns, so instead they turned to the recently released Honghu GZHD7121 which Sisten definitely had a hand in developing yep of course absolutely.

Changes done were simple and related to the more upmarket image they were going with for the American brand, as to not compete directly with their working partner. The exterior saw few changes, mainly being down to an updated grille and incredibly fancy alloy wheels while under the bonnet, the 1.2 liter engine was replaced by Sisten’s 1.8 “Prince” unit. Speed go up, fuel economy go down. Suspension was tweaked for a softer and more unresponsive ride, the interior received updated seats from the European Torero hatchback.

Both the CS and GZHD7121 ranges received facelifts in 1996. The most substantial update to the CS came in form of the redesigned front end, inspired by other contemporary models and which made the model more easily distinguishable from its stablemate.

Production of the original STN7181 continued until 2006, when it was replaced by the second generation CS, still based on the underpinnings of the original model.

© 2021 Sisten Motor Company



“Your one time stop… yeah that’s it.”

Dead: The Taluvec GCS and a Ton of Other SMC Cars
Richard Zucker | 17/03/2021

In addition to announcing the refurnishing of the Sisten plant in Lake Orion, Michigan for electric vehicle manufacturing, the Sisten Motor Company has officially announced moments ago the discontinuation of the Taluvec GCS, Sisten Arena, Sisten Avansar (for the US market), Corsica Treviso, Corsica Volant and Corsica Vienna. The Arena subcompact, a godawful, putrid looking, disgustingly furnished and outdated subcompact that we gave a score of 3/10 back in 2012 is yet another victim of the crossover craze.

To summarize Sisten’s official statement concerning the discontinuations, it has no longer been financially viable to produce these low-selling models. I personally don’t believe them, it’s obvious the far-left libtards pressured Sisten into cancelling the models us motorheads love. This radical agenda previously forced Rigore to ditch the manual transmission from their entire lineup and is only foreshadowing the eventual cancellation of cars as a concept altogether.

Sisten were kind enough to share a crusty PNG of their plans when it comes to platforms. As outlined, the company will be working to condense their lineup of 14 distinct platforms to just three, including the current SHEP and next-generation TF platform. SFD will be an all-new base, designed from the ground up for both electric and gasoline powertrains with Front- and Rear-wheel drive variants. Cool beans, perhaps even incredible beans.

With the discontinuation of the GCS ends a flagship sedan timeline reaching back over 70 years, with the Gran Callahan and later GCS nameplates originating in the much superior 40’s. I can’t wait for the future!


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RIP, at least I still have my Verve :stuck_out_tongue: