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You’re seeing this right?

Not a lot of people who can get away with saying such bold things. Great presentation as always!


Pre-orders for the MY2022 Sisten Verve are now open. Follow the link to order a Verve BeamNG File up to your spec.


Exclusivity is fun. The first five orderers will be entitled to Verve Love Edition - Featuring full equipment options, an exclusive Sunburst Orange finish and specific insignias dedicated to you, the owner. This is for you.

Big, big thank you to the ever so lovely @DoctorNarfy for the EV drivetrain conversion <3

I truly hope everyone still understands that all of this is a simple side project to real-life. Please do not expect me to start rolling these cars out as soon as “the orders” start, it’s all just a simple pastime I’m already lucky enough to take part in. Cheers.


This is a really fun idea and I appreciate the effort going into this neat little project!
Pre-ordered a Verve as soon as I read I could and I’m looking forward to receiving it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I promise I’ll be patient…

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That offer has finally made the Verve an EV you can love - and it fills you with as much want-one lust as a V8 Cheetah. And this next bit - it’s a godsend for anyone who wants to drive an EV in Beam.

That was for Beam, but I understand that you had to build it in Automation yourself before converting it to Beam - and since Automation does not support electric powertrains, what engine did you use as a placeholder? I suspect it’s something already used in another Corsica/Sisten.

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so uhh we have yet to talk about deposits and pricing


1993 - 2006

The 90’s! A time of prosperity, hope, and opulence. It was this period during which Sisten exemplified itself as a manufacturer that took the ever-emerging Chinese market seriously. After their initial hook-up the decade prior, Sisten and Honghu were in a healthy relationship going into the 90s with Sisten sharing its seed by providing advanced western technologies to the growing brand and with Honghu making it much easier for Sisten to grow it’s brand… and to allow them to sell their cars in the market in the first place but whatever. Possibly the most important thing to come from the collaboration was the knowledge gained by Honghu, eventually making them confident enough to expand business to western markets. Anyways, the 1993 Sisten CS.

What caused the CS, officially a Sisten STN7181, was a need for an affordable compact sedan for Sisten to sell. Importing the Sunburst, designed for American tastes, was out of the question due to price concerns, so instead they turned to the recently released Honghu GZHD7121 which Sisten definitely had a hand in developing yep of course absolutely.

Changes done were simple and related to the more upmarket image they were going with for the American brand, as to not compete directly with their working partner. The exterior saw few changes, mainly being down to an updated grille and incredibly fancy alloy wheels while under the bonnet, the 1.2 liter engine was replaced by Sisten’s 1.8 “Prince” unit. Speed go up, fuel economy go down. Suspension was tweaked for a softer and more unresponsive ride, the interior received updated seats from the European Torero hatchback.

Both the CS and GZHD7121 ranges received facelifts in 1996. The most substantial update to the CS came in form of the redesigned front end, inspired by other contemporary models and which made the model more easily distinguishable from its stablemate.

Production of the original STN7181 continued until 2006, when it was replaced by the second generation CS, still based on the underpinnings of the original model.

© 2021 Sisten Motor Company



“Your one time stop… yeah that’s it.”

Dead: The Taluvec GCS and a Ton of Other SMC Cars
Richard Zucker | 17/03/2021

In addition to announcing the refurnishing of the Sisten plant in Lake Orion, Michigan for electric vehicle manufacturing, the Sisten Motor Company has officially announced moments ago the discontinuation of the Taluvec GCS, Sisten Arena, Sisten Avansar (for the US market), Corsica Treviso, Corsica Volant and Corsica Vienna. The Arena subcompact, a godawful, putrid looking, disgustingly furnished and outdated subcompact that we gave a score of 3/10 back in 2012 is yet another victim of the crossover craze.

To summarize Sisten’s official statement concerning the discontinuations, it has no longer been financially viable to produce these low-selling models. I personally don’t believe them, it’s obvious the far-left libtards pressured Sisten into cancelling the models us motorheads love. This radical agenda previously forced Rigore to ditch the manual transmission from their entire lineup and is only foreshadowing the eventual cancellation of cars as a concept altogether.

Sisten were kind enough to share a crusty PNG of their plans when it comes to platforms. As outlined, the company will be working to condense their lineup of 14 distinct platforms to just three, including the current SHEP and next-generation TF platform. SFD will be an all-new base, designed from the ground up for both electric and gasoline powertrains with Front- and Rear-wheel drive variants. Cool beans, perhaps even incredible beans.

With the discontinuation of the GCS ends a flagship sedan timeline reaching back over 70 years, with the Gran Callahan and later GCS nameplates originating in the much superior 40’s. I can’t wait for the future!


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RIP, at least I still have my Verve :stuck_out_tongue:

This wholesale cull of most of the Corsica group’s range reminds me of Ford abandoning all of its passenger cars in North America a few years ago - a short-sighted decision that effectively split the company in two between its truck-focused American branch and its (mostly) car-based European lineup, forcing me to treat them as two completely separate companies thereafter due to their sheer number of mutually exclusive models:

My head says “This is going to be a profitable future indeed…” but my heard says “…but not as exciting as it could - and should - have been.” They were right to axe the Arena, which wasn’t very good, but jettisoning the GCS, Volant and Vienna is going to infuriate their customer base, which was still holding out hope for their passenger cars. Guess they’ll have to make do with a Sisten GS for daily use and a Corsica Cheetah/Wildcat for weekends instead, possibly even a Verve in addition to (or in place of) the former if they want/need an EV, if they want a truly desirable product from the former that isn’t an SUV or truck of some sort.


Interesting decision to axe the premium Taluvec GCS while apparently leaving the regular full size Sisten GS in offer. The rest is more expected.




0 to 62mph

Total kerb weight

300 km/h
Top speed, electronically limited


Purely carnal. With over 20 years under its belt, the Volant is ready for a proper redesign - and oh, how we’ve delivered. Designed by the finest American hunks, weighing in at under 1200kg [2200lbs] and providing exceptional driving excitement, the second generation Volant isn’t forced to prove anything. It’s still very much worthy of the Volant name.

With its beautiful design carefully crafted by LaVelle Studios, sex is now included standard.


How do you improve on tradition? You don’t. The iconic 6-cylinder Boxer engine returns, now tuned to 360 horsepower and able to provide more thrilling pleasure than ever before. A no-compromises powerhouse that’s been architecturally reworked to sit even lower for greater handling.

Why keep the flat-six? Because in the end, a Jalopnik commentator’s internal satisfaction is more important than having a financial incentive.

©2021 Sisten Motor Company


Can I buy the Sex as a separate acessory for my jalopy?

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The all-new '96 Cheetah combines blistering performance and aggressive styling in one unforgettable package.



Bold, powerful, and ready to give you a run for your money, Cheetah is sure to satisfy your appetite for the road.

•3.0-liter “Freefire” V6 engine
•Air conditioning
•PHELPS® FM stereo Cassette Deck
•Ultima© theft deterrent system

Hardcore driving enthusiasts, your passengers will be begging for Jesus. This is the ultimate muscle car prepared for the 21st century.

•5.5-liter “Powerblock” V8 engine
•6-speed manual transmission
•PHELPS® 10-speaker sound system
•6-way power driver’s seat
…and more

Re-engineered from the ground up for 1996, Cheetah offers the latest safety features as standard, ensuring a worry-free ride for you and your passengers every time. 4-wheel ABS brakes, a passenger safety airbag, power steering, all-round disc brakes - do we have to continue?

Visit your local Corsica dealer for more info on equipment, specifications and pricing.



Corsicare provides a 3-year/36,000-mile Limited Warranty, covering repairs, including labor and parts, to correct any defects in material or workmanship occurring during the warranty period. Cheetah is designed and built to resist corrosion, all body and sheet metal components are warranted against rust-through corrosion for 6 years or 100,000 miles. See your Corsica dealer for terms of this and other limited warranties.

©1996 Sisten Motor Company. All rights reserved.


The '96 Cheetah, just like the ones that came before and after it, lived up to its name by being an apex predator of the concrete jungle, especially in Supersport trim - and it was quite affordable to boot. It reminds me somewhat of an early SN-95 Mustang, especially from the front. And with its head-turning looks, it wouldn’t have been out of place in contemporary TV shows, movies and video games either!

By the way, did you use the smaller version of the S15 body for the '96 Cheetah? It sure looks like it. If not, then I’m assuming that you chose a similarly sized variant of the E90 Corolla body.

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Hello, customer!

It has been brought to our marketing department’s attention that the month of June is used up among the “homosexual community” as Pride Month. As gay marriage is now legal in most of our target markets and it’s no longer financially precarious to focus a marketing campaign around you “homosexuals”, we at Sisten would like to officially announce that gay people do indeed exist!

Celebration of Pride is important to us and as such, we are changing our social media accounts to reflect this (with the exception of Sisten Russia, Sisten of Middle East, Sisten 人民共和国 China, Sisten Polska and other valued markets) as we believe this is a sign of peace and solidarity, especially in the heart of where it matters most. Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our beloved customers, which is why we are also pledging our support for The Trevor Project. We aren’t donating any money, just saying we support it.

Happy Pride Month, see you this time next year!


:cry: The image we get abroad… Actually Ikea’s rainbow bag seems to be somewhat successful here.

Also, this whole announcement is just a perfect representation of what those acts really are for the big corps :ok_hand: :smile:


Thanks for wording it such that I now have corporate “feel-good” orchestral stock music stuck in my head.

please make it stop


Damn SWJ’s ruining my all AMERICAN Freedom loving company, bowing down to M A R X I S M and virtue signalling. The right keep getting silenced smh my head. :pensive:


The following is a collection of Sisten models, previously unseen on the forums. Most of these are garbage, viewer discretion is advised.


Love the Astana