Skoda fabia VRs

hey guys :slight_smile:

just a quick wee question for you all…my old man has just swapped his 03 fabia 1.9TDi for an 08 fabia VRs in metallic blue…he is looking to buy some rims…i have suggested BBS GTs of som sort.if you could please suggest other rim options with possibly a picture.

and if anyone could tell us why the seats are numbered???? ( says 290something on the seats  :confused:) ...ill post pictures as soon as i can in this section...thank you guys for all the help.

its my birthday 2day so ill be out the rest of 2day and probably recovering from hangover 2moro so i might take a while 2 get back…again thanks for reading and possibly replying…


the seat are numbered like everything else in a car. (Even the plastic stuff u put on the steel rims normally has a number).

makes it easier if u need replacement; especially if there are different options available.

Indeed Deus, and it would really be a pain if you had to order spares without the specific partnumbers imho.