Slanted engines

I would like to know if the ability to slant an engine (similar to the triumpph/Saab slant 4 and chrysler Slant 6) would ever be considered as a feature in the game?

That would certainly help with engine packaging in certain scenarios, but I think it may be too niche for the game, plus how would the engine (game engine) handle the size math? I suppose instead of a slanted inline it could be coded as a half-v engine, but I’m afraid the work would outweigh the benefits. May be more likely to see a W engine (narrow-V), but I’m not looking for new block types anytime soon.

a half V engine would be nice…

Although slant engines were cool, they really are niche as @mcp928 said. They wouldn’t be very useful for most of Automation with the exception of cars with low hood lines that don’t have much vertical space in the engine bay (and it would be limited old cars too, as slant engines are effectively dead for modern cars)

Have you looked under the hood of a modern car?
Most have the engine at an angle, to some degree, mostly about 10-20 degrees.
Even the transverse engines are slanted slightly to the front or rear.

But none at such angle as the Saab/Triumph i admit, or even the Chrysler.
Closer to the Chrysler though than straight up.

i still think it would be a good idea
even if its for purely a cosmetic approach