Small offroader challenge?

You will be making a semi-practical, cheap, fun OFF-ROAD VEHICLE
The year can be between 1980 and 2012, depending on what you want.
The budget will be $30k (But the more over 20k you go the more points you will loose)
The maximum wheelbase allowed is 2.6 Metres
The year classes are:
1980 - 1987
1988 - 1997
1998 - 2012
Each class will be scored differently, as certian things are more expensive/not available in certian years
How i will grade these:
Each entry will be graded on the following criteria:
-Practicality (worth up to 5 points)
-Price (worth up to 5 points)
-Offroad capabilities (worth upto 5 points)
-Fun-ness (worth upto 3 points)
-Fuel Economy (worth upto 3 points)
-drivability (worth up to 3 points
-design quality (up to 5 points) (this is decided on how detailed it is, like if you did an interior or not)

Once you complete these, please DM me the .car file, (my discord is Krazycrafter1053#3864) (or you could make a reply to this post) and let me know if u used any mods on there that arent on the workshop!
You can share ideas with each other all you want!

Revisions will be allowed, if there is anything wrong with your car that i can see i’ll let you know!

This will be semi-realistic, so try not to go overboard.
The challenge ends on Friday, April 16th at 12:00PM EDT

(ye its kinda simple but this is my first challenge)


If this is meant to be about small off-roaders, then shouldn’t there be a wheelbase limit? I’d suggest a maximum of 2.7 to 2.8 meters, give or take.

Another question, will they be judged against each other or will the year of the model/trim be taken into account?

In 2012 there was technology available that improved driving dynamics, comfort, safety, fuel economy etc. that were pure science fiction in 1980, so not really fair to compare IMO…

I have to agree with you - the challenge might be better off being split into several different categories based on the eras in which the cars were built, with each category receiving its own winner.

yeah thats a good idea, (again this is my first challenge)

The classes will be
1988 - 1997
1998 - 2012

the wheelbase limit will be 100in (2.54 Metres)


Hey @krazycrafter101!

I suggest a file naming format so you can keep track of entries and avoid cluttering up your personal car lists.

I’d go with this:

So, for example, my entry will be called:

Hope this helps, hahaha!

Introducing the 1987 Polis Hyena.

This fun off-roader sports a punchy 2 litre engine, and along with its 2.19m wheelbase and tiny 969kg, you can go anywhere. It also comes with a low range gearbox and off road tyres, meaning it is able to overcome any obstacle that would catch out larger opposition.

All this could be yours for only $26300.

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MY2012 Bogliq Banq EVO

The Banq EVO is a homologation model of the regular Banq.

When, in 1989, the Baja 1000 race committee announced the Junior Production category to increase interest and participation in offroad desert racing, Bogliq USA stepped up to the plate. Now, 23 years later, the category is hotly contested by a number of manufacturers so Bogliq has pulled out all the stops to re-invigorate competition through lateral thinking.

Mid engined RWD to enhance grip and reduce complexity, high boost turbo’ed three cylinder to maximise power while aiding airflow around the engine compartment while keeping the price under $30k to ensure all who want a Banq EVO can afford one. So, for your best chance of success, buy a Bogliq Banq EVO today!

OOC Commentary

(OOC: I had made this car 4 - 5 days ago, but was waiting for the OP to reply to my naming convention suggestion. However, since the OP hasn’t replied and others are entering, I’ve decided to post the car otherwise I’ll forget altogether, hahaha)


Presenting, the 1986 UMC Flashback FH powered by the Obramaestra I4 Turbo engine, resulting in 424 HP, and a pretty neat idle sound if you ask us.
The FH aspect is a nod to the cheap, fun, and punchy offroad spec this is of the original Flashback, with another, lamer spec being homologated only so our competition in Rally will be tolerated further. As this is specifically made to have fun, we’ve added some neat aero tricks you wont find in our ordinary car, and a deviation from the usual UMC engine philosophy is sure to provide the kick that you’re looking for.



Nice work everybody! Now, because this is my first challenge, i was wondering how i would obtain the .car files for testing?

I’ve already sent my file in via PM, check your inbox; I suspect others have also PM’d you by now with their .car files as well, hahaha!


1986 Wells Pike L

One of the most formidable small off-roaders of its day, still on the road today.


107lb ft@3300rpm


yep, I sent it too I believe