Small Pickup of the 90's

There are only 2 levels of trim for this truck; the base model, which has a 3.1L I4 engine that produces 181 HP with a 4-speed transmission, and the V8 version, which has a 4.7L V8 that makes 256 HP and 281 ft-lb, and comes with a 5-speed for all your limb-towing needs.
For some reason the truck has engines roughly 24 years ahead of its time. It is said to be a concept.

Hah, This looks very cool! :slight_smile:

How did you managed to do a pickup in the game? Have you used Photoshop or something like that to edit the photo?

Yep he edited it i think. But its really really well done :smiley:

haha, yes. I took a few photos and merged them together in GIMP, then skewed the windows and area around them. Really doesn’t take that much time.

Hahaha ok then.

A bit off-topic, but i have a question to make: When are the devs going to release the next patch, with new car models and stuff?

March 18, plus or minus a few weeks.

Weeks? :frowning:

Well, on February 18. the devs said “about a month”. But you never know what problems might pop up. I would guess no later than March 29.