Snapfrozen's Honda

Hi everyone!

Like Zombine, im from NZ and am into Hondas :slight_smile:

A quick run down on the old gal. Started off as a project from some schoolkids at one of our local Polytechs who butchered her, ruined the roll cage, welded the drive shafts to the hubs etc. I acquired her for a very small sum not knowing what I was in for.

Link to build thread

She was a stock EG4 199(1/2/3) Honda civic - Drum brakes, 1500 Sohc engine, etc.

I converted the brakes to Integra Type R rears and BB4 prelude fronts, running RC Stark rims for the track and 96 spec Type R wheels on the road. Full buddyclub coilover suspension, a B16a2 1.6L DOHC engine and S80 gearbox with aftermarket gearkit. Shes come a long way and is now track worthy!

Very nice trackday civic you got there.
also got rust problems there in NZ? or is it completely painted again?
And its indeed just like lego :smiley:

Not too many rust issues. REALLY old cars tend to rust out, but anything around the 90’s its still quite easy to get good condition examples. We have a massive 2nd hand car market here. New cars are quite expensive and we get a massive amount of jap imports. My car has been purchased and built in under 5 figures so its definately not too bad