I’m new here, I have been waiting for Automation to come on steam for a long time so I can finally buy it.
After a few weeks of playing around with it I came across the Automation Hub website and started a company there.
My company is called “Sokudo” (NOT the number puzzle that’s Sudoku!).
Sokudo (速度) is a Japanese noun for Speed/Velocity, at least according to Google translate since I don’t actually know Japanese.

Sokudo is also the name of a virtual racing team my friend and I have, We used to play a lot of Need For Speed, we sometimes play GRID, Gran Turismo, and Forza.

I will be making mostly 80’s and 90’s Japanese cars, anything from Kei cars to Performance race cars.
Although I’m still learning the game, there are a few cars that I like to share with you.

My MRZ (Yes, it’s “Inspired” by the Toyota MR2)

The CR-83
My friend is a huge Honda fan, and he was making a CRX, so I made this, and it turned out a lot better than I though it would.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to sharing more cars with everyone, and can’t wait for the Steam Workshop.

Nice cars! :smiley:
By placing the lights, MRZ also reminds me sort-of Infernus from GTA San Andreas.
By the way, does your company is Japanese?

Not gonna lie. That bad English is just adorable.

So, I’m not the only one who wants to make kei cars?

Nice designs! Are you perhaps phily241 on ROBLOX? I’m just wondering that because he owns a car company on there by the same name.

Yeah I do want to make Kei cars, I suggested 3 cylinder engines to the devs about a year ago and it seemed like they where going to add them.

No, I’m not phily241, and I don’t know what ROBLOX is.
I did a quick search on Audomation Hub for the name but I didn’t find a company with this name.
Like I said my friend and I have been using this as our virtual racing team name for a long time now. (starting in 2012)