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Hello everyone. Welcome to the Solariego thread. I just wanted to have a company to brand my cars with and a place to play with designs. In any case, welcome to Solariego, a luxury brand compromising on cutting no corners, reliable, speedy and comfortable that bring you the best.

Starting off, I present the 2012 lineup

Linea C
One of the more compact model lines, carrying a 2.5 litter inline 6 making 200 horsepower, a 0 to 100 km/h of 7.2 seconds. The linea C looks provide the ultimate comfort and driving experience, comfortable and drivable. Turning each corner with ultimate precision.
starting at 60.000 USD

Gold standard Linea C
As for every car in our line up, the top level trim is part of what we call the Gold standard. Vehicles built for performance. Although the GS model only features an additional 23 hp, the weight savings, sportier suspension tunning and more aggresive cam provide the extra boost of power the Linea C needed
Starting at 64.000 USD
Standard trim
GS trim
Next post I will cover the Linea F


A cast-iron block with pure aluminum 2v DOHC heads is 1970s tech that simply doesn’t belong in the 21st century - and why does it weigh so much? For what is meant to be a premium car, an AHS steel monocoque chassis would be preferable.


hmm, I wanted to cheap out, you know the old trick, market as premium build them cheap. I should have stated they are made in the third world. But that was prolly a wrong way to cut the budget. And speaking of budget cuts, they are super heavy thanks to that.
hmm maybe the engine materials was a bad place to cheap out, but thanks for telling me, I’ll figure out a better way

It’s the small BMW body, it’s always exceptionally heavy. I’d rather ask what’s so expensive in a seemingly regular design - fancy interior? Also, yeah, cutting costs on valve number while keeping DOHC makes very little sense and IIRC wasn’t used since the 90s (and even then it was weird). Pure aluminium block or head are outdated by 2012 too, AlSi is the modern option. And first and foremost - any manufacturer willing to cut costs on the engine would sooner switch to an I4 than to iron block or 2-valve heads :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool idea with the logo on the building.


Thanks a lot for the feedback, well, onto the next model of the 2012 line-up

The Linea F
The flagship of the company. Using an advanced active comfort system, a premium leather interior made with the finest leathers from the Patagonia. And featuring modern and complete technology package, with a total of 3 screen for the front seats. With 2 additional ones behind the seats. No corners were cut in this luxury cruiser.

Th the comfort is not alone. Featuring a 3.3 Liter inline 6. Making 315 hp and reaching a top speed of 300 km/h. Our linea F is guaranteed to bring the speed you need in your life.

The gold standard

For those that want their cars to push the limits, the GS edition of our linea f features a boosted. 480 horsepower engine. Not only that, but improved cornering speeds, faster accelerations and a new aero package means the GS edition blurs the line between sport car and luxury sedan.

Pricing and features
Regular Trim
Price: 82.000 USD

Gold standard
Price: 104.000 USD

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