Soldat Motori

Founded in 1923 by a half-German, half-Italian man near Monza, Soldat has always produced pure Italian sports cars first and foremost. After 2000, Soldat signed a merger with other Italian sportscar company, Rivelta, and today the essence of Rivelta has fused with that of Soldat. Today, Soldat continues to produce classic vehicles like the Raggio, Meltfire, and Mercurio.


The Soldat Raggio. Fierce yet filled with finesse.

The Raggio is the definitive Soldat. Striking looks, razor-sharp handling, and extreme performance make the new Raggio better than ever before. The Raggio is powered by a naturally-aspirated 5491cc V12 which produces 714 PS at 9100 RPM and 624 NM at 6800 RPM with a redline of 9500 RPM. Mounted to a 7-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission through an all-electronic rear differential, a first for the company, the Raggio stays true to the formula of yesteryear whilst simultaneously looking towards the future. For example, the entire body and chassis of the Raggio is constructed out of Carbon Fiber. This, in turn, leads to an extremely svelte weight for the class, weighing in at under 1490 kgs.

Although this may be the very first all-new generation of the Raggio since 2005, it doesn’t forget where it came from. Because of this, the suspension is tuned to Soldat standards; whilst at lower speeds it is tamer than it used to be, higher speeds demonstrates the Raggio’s true, fierce, and classically Soldat nature. Even with this, the interior is much more luxurious than it had been in the past. Whilst it is still very driver-oriented, more time and effort has been put into the design of the interior than any previous Soldat. The New Raggio, whilst revolutionary as a car and is a major step for Soldat, remains to be one of our biggest pride and joy’s. No longer is it only a brash supercar; could you coerce the Raggio, the beast inside can become tame.


Might have to steal that rear wheel vent design…

That is an incedible machine, and a match for the Assoluto Fatalita in my opinion. What’s next, a company thread about the car manufacturers in GTA V?