Some Limitations should not exist

Honestly, I’ve should have made this complaint when I had the time to but now, Here’s my 2 problems.

Problem 1
I made a Honda Integra R lore/Replica using the Nissan Silvia body (90s Coupe) And I was able to make it FWD. Same thing with my Nissan Skyline GTR R34 & R32 Lore/Replicas as it used to be 4WD. Now both its RWD. Please, get rid of the engine size limitation for that body. I want to put in the appropriate drivetrain for my cars.HiResPhoto3HiResPhoto21HiResPhoto22

Problem 2
The Ford Mustang Body(00s Coupe) Now has a limitation where I cant put the lip below for the front & rear of the body. The thing is, Nothing was wrong with the lip being below the body. Yes, I can move it away from it but it just ruins it. I don’t know why this is considered a fix after the new update. Please fix this.Photo17Photo18

You can’t simply get rid of engine size limits, they exist as an integral part of the body’s stats like passenger/cargo volume and chassis shape/position of firewall and suspension mounting points. Even merely expanding the engine bay is quite finicky and involves balancing engine bay size with wheel well size, track width and passenger space. As long as you can fit realistic size motors in these bodies I see no problem with them

For the second issue, yeah sometimes it feels the bodies are a bit strict as to where you can’t put fixtures