Some models arent produced while they are in production


See attached pictures, the Neva model should be in production since 1987. No vehicule appears to be produced (no stock, no sale).
Both engine and car project havent been signed off.

This is nothing specific to this model. I tried unpausing/pausing production, to no effect.

For the record, I made a fake facelift (no modification at all): no change, no vehicule is produced after the facelift release.

I managed to restart production by creating a new trim with changes + engine changes.
Obviously, gameplay-wise, it meant waiting for this newt trim to be released, so production started in 2004 instead of 1987 .

This usually happens when you have no engines to put into the car because of some messup with the facelifting of engines. If there are no engines, there are no cars. So the car factory is in production but waits for engines that never come.

This has happened to me a few times, in recent times it has always be my mistake of messing up those facelifts. We’re thinking about reworking the system, as it obviously is a little too difficult to get right most of the time.

I guess it is possible but it means that the sign off screens aren’t always accurate then, because, as examplified by creating a fake new trim, I went through both the car and engine sign off screens and none shown any issue.

This new car was a budget car reusing an engine designed from an older car, out of production. The engine production should not have stopped, but I am wondering if the end of the older car had any influence over it.

There is already some sort of gantt-spirit diagram showing car production/sales/project flow: push the logic and make a gantt with both models and engines. That would make easy to notice such issue and easier to understand the big picture.

I guess part of the problem is that engines production line are somehow tied to cars production. Then when you want to continue using an engine with completely another car and discontinue the original car, problems could arise.

You want to reuse same parts in many cars. Renault Cleon-Font is an example how what I would like to achieve:
made in in 1962, it was used up to 1993, from Renault Floride to Twingo, from 956cc to 1565cc, installed in numerous models such as Alpine A110, R4, R5, R6, R8, R9, R10, R11, R12, R15, R18, Fuego, R19, R21, Express, Trafic, Clio.

I think project flow might deserve an autonomous full page, distinct from the sales pages, to gantt both engines and models, making it easy to control what is planned, in design, in production, out of production.

To further comment on that, image the following:

I design model A that goes with engine Z. It is signed off and will be in production in 5 years, mostly due to model A.
Then I design model B that also goes with engine Z. It is signed off, the engine was already signed of. But it is easier to plan model, it will be in production in 4 years.

The engine production Z should start in 4 years, as soon as needed by B model. I am afraid that, how it is right now, it wont start until A model is ready, in 5 years.

You might say that B model should have been planned before A. But that is a workaround. Fact is my engine factory dealing with Z engine should start production as soon as needed, by B model, as soon as engine planning time itself is finished.

It is hard to understand in the current state of things and not visible with the UI. I would like a project flow page showing something like:

engine factory 1:
engine Z    | = design = | -no demand- | ==== in production ========== | -no demand- |

car factory 1:
model A     | ======== design ==============| ==== in production ======| 

car factory 2:
model B     | ===== design ============| ==== in production ======| 

Colors could even be used to give clue about factory overworked/underworked

If for some reason engine production is stalled it would be obvious:

engine factory 1:
engine Z    | = design = | -no demand- | == in production ==|

car factory 1:
model A     | ======== design ==============| ==== in produc| === missing engine Z ===|

car factory 2: 
model B     | ===== design ============| ==== in production | === missing engine Z ===|

None of the sign-off screens show any issues because we have not implemented the warning system for the projects yet, this would be something which can be caught by that, but in general that is fighting an underlying complexity that as such might not be laid out optimally. We have a lot of ideas for how to potentially address this, and thank you for adding your own! :slight_smile: