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Some new issues i'm having

So about a week ago, I was having some issues with automation, as it had seemed to reset all of my progress. I was skeptical as to what was going on, as some things seemed a bit off.
So I’ve been putting off trying to fix my game for that past week now out of fear that I may overwrite a hidden save. Along with my cars and engines being nowhere to be found, I’ve noticed some other strange things:

  • Car model year wont go past 2016 (it starts on 2016 by default, instead of 2012).
  • Designing a new engine from the car builder just takes me back to the model selection screen.
  • Designing an engine from the engine designer wont save when I exit the builder.
  • Once a car body is selected, it wont let me change to a new body.
  • All aspects of the campaign seem to work fine (including saving engines and car designs).

I may update this if I find anything else out of the ordinary.

*** also note that I have like 260 mods currently installed, and I have experienced no lag issues whatsoever.

This reads highly like your sandbox database is corrupt or other issues.

Go to My Docs\My Games\Automation\ and either delete, or move to another out the sandbox_*.db files.

See if that fixes sandbox, although your car designs will also be gone.