Some "simple" tracks

Yes, it’s flat… elevation to come later. Comes in both single and flying lap.
Castle (2.8 MB)

Here’s the Birmingham (UK) Superprix road course (1986-1990) v1.1.
Under 40 segments, but there is elevation. Both single and flying lap versions, in their own folders. (2.2 MB)

This track was inspired by the Mr.Computah, whose version was used in Caliban's One-Make race. I’ve have simply modified it. Elevation is close (I think) but it lacks camber. Start/finish line is in the correct location. Single and Flying laps in their own folders.
Ascari Race Resort (546.5 KB)



This is not the FIRST Phillip Island track, which was just a rectangle from the 1930’s. This is an attempt at the Phillip Island (V8) Supercar/MotoGP/Superbike circuit. Located in Victoria (Australia, for those who don’t know), it opened as a 4.8Km circuit in 1956 and closed in 1962. Used again from 1967-1978. It was re-opened as a 4.445Km track in 1988.

Modelled on a graphic of the 4.4Km, elevation (55m) is within 3m by guesswork.
The 4.8Km is just a re-scale, meaning 60m elevation change.

Phillip (887.3 KB)

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AUTOMATION TEST TRACK… in reverse :astonished:
Yes, you read right. I’ve asked for permission before sharing this, so it’s legal. Based on the “ATT Flying Lap” by the well and truly legendary @Der_Bayer, I’ve reversed the thing, now we can all lose our shit going clockwise! Imagine, downhill from Bavarian Bend, along the 'roar, and THEN through The Slingshot!
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ATT_FlyingLap (691.7 KB)


“The Bend” Motorsport Park, in Tailem Bend, South Australia, opened in 2018. As requested here Request a (real world) track here - #202 by abg7
No elevation changes, but if I say W.I.P., you just have to pretend I’ll fix it one day.

GT Circuit (7.77 KM/4.8 mi)The Bend (2.1 MB)

International Circuit (4.95 KM/3.07 mi)The Bend (2.1 MB)