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Caliban's One-Make race



Caliban, a British marque, has recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of their compact sports car, the Thunder. But regular celebrations are not even close to enough.

They’ve decided to build exact replicas of the '68 Thunder, and sent a challenge to the different carmakers in the Automationverse: to modify the replicas and race them at a one-make race.

And where will they be raced? At the Ascari Race Resort, of course!

The car itself (download it and import it into the UNREAL ENGINE NEW BETA. You’ll have to opt in if you haven’t already).

Thunder - Mk1 950.zip (3.8 KB)

The regulations:

The trim you’ll submit has to be tuned in 2017.

-Drivetrain conversions are allowed. Engine and engine placement swaps are allowed.
-If you decide to keep and modify the stock engine, you’ll have to create a variant in 2017.
-Only 10 positive quality points (overall) at the engine and trim sections.
-Front suspension swaps are not allowed.
-Minimum cooling is required.
-Minimum 22 safety required.
-Maximum one lip and one wing/spoiler.
-98 RON unleaded fuel will be used.

Naming convention:

Model: OM - Username
Trim: Make + ‘Thunder MK1’.
Engine family: OM - Username.
Engine variant: Name of the engine.

DEADLINE: Friday the 22nd of September, 15:00 PM CEST.

Some "simple" tracks

Three crashes in a row. The Open Beta on my machine hates your car. :sweat_smile:


When will Caliban get its own company thread? Anyway, this is the first challenge requiring the UE4 release (if I am not mistaken), but for those using the stock engine, are there any restrictions on fuel type?


I may have the solution for that one. The safety option on the original Thunder is no longer available as you advance the trim year, so it shitzitself… at least that’s what I think.

Do we get a copy of the track to test/tune on?
Any other rules, or anything not ruled out is… ruled in?


These are all the rules. Appart from that, you can go crazy with your cars.

I’m making the Ascari circuit right now. I’ll link it here and in the track sharing forum when I’m done.


The best way to make sure everybody can run in your competition is to use the latest stable version.


So it’s a simple single body challenge?


Yes it is!


I believe the new beta has importing and exporting, which the stable version doesn’t have.


I think that the placeable wings, lips, and spoilers in the UE4 version are still only cosmetic.
Edit: The aero choices in the aero tab do work.


I do recall that they added aero effects for lips and wings in the open beta, although im not too sure on that.


You’re right, but downforce undertray does work.


McKeown Automotive presents their PM-17 Prototype…

Using McKeown’s FD-26-SST compact power plant developing several hundred horsepower!
I’ll be revealing more specifics on the vehicle and engine closer to the end of the competition…

Also PM me if I have broken any rules.


wondering if 1:23@ airfield is not fast enough…


Guys help me ut please, where is the import export folder for unreal game?


To import you’ll have to extract the zip file and place it in the “CarSaveImport” folder. To share your export file you’ll have to grab it from the “CarSaveExport” folder and Zip it up because we can’t share the raw file on here.


C:\Users\#####\Documents\My Games\Automation\CarSaveImport
C:\Users\#####\Documents\My Games\Automation\CarSaveExport


It’s plenty fast using the stock engine, not your own.


it’s an engine swap
but a smaller engine with a turbo one. so it’s still an FF


Does driveability have any value in this event? Because… ZERO!!!