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Caliban's One-Make race


If youve got 0 driveability, you’ve got a massive problem…

EDIT: @stm316 yes but its going to crash into a wall quickly too


Maybe, but it’s FAST.

EDIT: Did I forget to mention the >400KW?
EDIT 2: 590Kg. 0 deg yaw thingy on the graph until 160km/h


you’re closing in on 2:1 weight to power ratio then?

and i thought 300hp was enough


How on earth did you get it down to under 600kg? I’m sitting at almost a ton!


It was an experiment that R&D have decided to discontinue




A question. As stated in the rules, you can run any drivetrain, have you tested importing. I don’t think the game will let you have different layouts… at least, mine didn’t let me.


The new build seems to be having a few issues…


OM - Small
Here at Puttzalong, we were quite pleased when we took delivery of the replica '68 Caliban Thunder shell.
An interesting offer… one we couldn’t refuse.
How does a 420Kw 2.8Lt turbo V8 sound? Probably a lot like this.
How does a Puttzalong modified version look? See the picture.
How does it go?.. you’ll have to wait to find out.



how are you guys making these cars so light.


“Formula E Team”, Oh no! :’(


They’re an ex Formula 1 team :wink:


McKeown Automotive presents the ‘FIFTY’ commemorating 50 years of collaboration with Caliban!

<Excuse the Number Plate as it is broken in the current build…

McKeown has learned a lot from their PM-17 prototype and as such has improved there on, significantly…
Now sporting an appropriate 611.7KW (820 HP) and an improved All Wheel Drive system, the ‘FIFTY’ sprints from 0-100KM/H in a mere 2.2 seconds and keeps on going up until 300KM/H.

As if all this wasn’t enough, the ‘FIFTY’ has been the subject of severe Aerodynamic Development by our Aerospace and Aeronautics Departments and has now received a Downforce Generating Floor to deploy all it’s newfound power in a suitable manner.

See it live and in action at Caliban’s Festival Race!


Not sure where to stop with hp… Engine bay on that notmini is just huge and so are turbos :money_mouth_face:

  1. Who needs safety?
  2. ???
  3. Race

EDIT: Do we get a resub?


So are we allowed to switch the base year to lighten the panels and chassis materials?


No, that’s not possible. The base year must be 1968 and the trim year 2017.


I can’t get my car down to the 600kg area without carbon fiber which isn’t available in 1968, so I too would like to know.


24 safety. You’re welcome.

EDIT: I made a clone and worked on it. My year may have stuffed up when exporting/importing between computers because the game overwrites, so I’m hoping resubs are permitted…