Something Happened To My Pre-Order Help!

An hour ago I pre-ordered the “Forced Induction Edition” when I started the game it said Pre-Order on the right and I couldn’t use the Campain or the Multiplayer tab so I went on the Sandbox tab and I didn’t have V16 either I only had a V8. I Hope You Read This.


Wide please…calm down the V16 has not been released yet it is still in development it will be out later in May I hope, Campain and Multiplayer are not going to be out for another year or more this game is still in Beta 199 the V16 engines are in Beta 203 that the Beta Testers have access to and we the Turbo users are still on B199

Oh ok thanks

not a problem besides this game you have to wait for parts to be added and its rather fun :slight_smile: the live streams are the best bit

V16s and the rest of the engines currently not available will not be released later in May. They probably wont be released until late this year as there is no artwork done for those engines and the developers probably wont do any more engine artwork until they have the car designer demo out.

I had to guess…so I was way off with my time scale guess…so late this year to early next year then, okay