Sonoma Raceway

All the way from Sonoma, California, USA, Sonoma Raceway has arrived in Automation! This is a fun track at under 2 minutes with lots of curves to get your gForce on. Enjoy! (1.56 MB)

Here is the in-game track:

And, as always, the obligatory Automation Track Editor view:

**NOTE: While it is possible (if you add it) to run a flying lap on this track (the sectors are marked for it already), the angles just aren’t *quite *right and it will look peculiar on the 2nd lap. I tried and tried, but couldn’t get happy with it so I’m not releasing the flying lap. (I think the exit angle of the last curve onto the straight is being fussy) **

Thanks for this! I grew up near Sears Point, driven down the drag strip a bunch of times and once got a ride around the track in a Cobra R. Haven’t driven the circuit myself yet, but it’s on my to-do list.

This is awesome! I live in Sonoma County and am stoked to see this here. Thanks a ton!

Huh? Everything I can find on Sonoma says it is 2.52 miles (4.055m). Mine is a tad short at 2.49 miles (4012m). The image I just downloaded was PNG, so not sure how you got JPG in yours.

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Just wanted to pop in and say this track is a personal favorite. It has been really fun watching the competitors of my series run it. Great job, keep it up! :smiley: