Sparrow Motors

The perfect car for the driver that needs a trusty steed but wants a speed machine. The all wheel drive system and the 6.0L V8 puts power to the grown like no other. Perfect for a trip to the store or a day at the track. Pick up yours at your local Sparrow dealer.

Sparrow Motors LLC is not responsible for any explosions that may occur while driving.

This is my first time sharing a car on here I hope you like it. I Included some files for BeamNG even though you don’t really need them they’re still there. Enjoy :blush:

Specs: Dropbox - Specs - Simplify your life
Downlaod link: Dropbox - 1978 Sparrow 709 - Simplify your life


It looks very basic, if I’m being honest - and the wing mirror fixture is far too futuristic for that boxy body shape. That said, the grille and headlight placement and shape aren’t all that bad, and if this thing actually were a 70s/80s car (which I assumed it was, and indeed it is), you could use a set of more period-accurate fixtures to achieve the same effect.