Speedemon's 3D Car Attempts (Don't Have 3DS Max yet!)

This is where I will be creating car models! :smiley: Except I can’t download 3DS Max right now because I live in a family with bad internet, and I can’t simply get it right away. I HAVE NO IDEA WHEN I WILL BE ALLOWED TO DOWNLOAD IT BE PATIENT PLZ. I am young so I do not have control over what I get to do. :frowning:

What I plan to do:

BMW 7-series - 10’s luxury sedan
Honda H-RV - 00’s Crossover/SUV
Audi R8/BMW i8 - 00’s Supercar

I will need help with 3ds max but I might be able to figure it out on my own. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions?

A 2010s supercar boby eg: Mclaren P1, La Ferrari, Porsche 918

Maybe you should do old and modern rear engine cars :smiley:

cough 911

A 2010s Pickup truck body, like a Silverado, Ram, or F-150

Do the one everyone promises to do and never make! Also known as a modern 10’s sedan body akin to the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

I’d like to suggest 50s cars like Austin A50 and Renault Fregate (two different sizes, as it has large gap between small and huge cars at that period), 90s generic compact Japanese/European Sedan like Mazda 323 or Renault Megane Classic and the 2000s Mid-Size SUV like Porsche Cayenne 1st generation (personally, I like that car)

What versions of 3ds max are compatible with automation? I can only find 2015 and 2016 versions.

From the grille tutorial post.

Where can I download it?