Sport 5 class racing series entries

Not sure if this really belongs here. I’m sort of new here so sorry if I make myself look like an idiot.

I really like engineering within a set on parameters gives me a nice challenge and something to work around. But what I really love is seeing what other people come up with to get around those same parameters. So I want to give you all a challenge. I want to give you a set of rules for the Sport 5 racing series and just see what you come up with. We’re not gonna run a race so don’t stress out to much this is just for fun. You’re car can be super detailed and fit in with a complicated backstory or just something you threw together. One more thing I’d love it if you’d use drop box or google drive to actually share the car files with us. That way we can actually throw them into beamng and take your beautiful creations for a spin!

Anyway without further ado da rulz.

2020 Sport 5:

Make your car and engine of the 2020 model year.

Engine displacement must not exceed 8Ls.
Any engine at or above 4Ls must be naturally aspirated.

Active suspension is not allowed.
Active aerodynamics is not Allowed.

You must use a manual H pattern gear box.

TC and ABS is allowed.

And that’s it! Feel free to steal this sort of format with your own rules. I’m looking forward to see what you come up with and remember this is only for fun don’t take it too seriously.