Sports/Supercar Design Thread

Decided to redo the Arbiter. Expect 483 horsepower from a new, larger 3.0L V6.


The “375 Plus” was a racing car produced by Forari in 1954 in eight examples.
The model, bodied by CRD, was commissioned by Enzo Forari to try to conquer the 1954 Sport Prototype World Championship, in this Championship the “375 Plus” won the 1000 km of Buenos Aires (won also the following year with the private drivers), the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Carrera Panamericana.


I’m not sure if this counts as a supercar but here.

The IVERA GTR-42, a strange yet powerful sports vehicle. Only rear wheel drive exists, and only 1000 were ever produced. (road legal version of the Le Mans car)


1990 Kolt Coyote V6



This next car may or may not count as a supercar, but regardless, it’s still a proper sports car - and here are two versions of it:

1992 Madison Ballista 500 GT (originally created for the fifth and final round of Cult of Personality II) - 345-hp 5.0L NA V8, 5-speed manual, RWD, 0-60 in 5.0 seconds, top speed 183 mph, $43k AMU.

1995 Madison Ballista 540 GTS (a later, more powerful version of the above, but too new for COP2 eligibility) - 405-hp 5.4L NA V8, 6-speed manual, RWD, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, top speed 194 mph, $54.5k AMU.

The second-generation Ballista served as a replacement for the wedge-shaped original, which dated all the way back to 1979 and received a facelift in 1985, but was showing its age by 1990, hence the ground-up redesign for 1992 aimed at clawing back lost ground compared to contemporary imports. It worked so well that an even more powerful 540 GTS version was added in 1995, taking the fight to true exotics of the era - 4.5 seconds from 0 to 60 with a top speed of 194 mph was very impressive back then, though it doesn’t seem as fast now.


I see you got them interiors crackin…good job bro


1975 Avion Veleno S
A first-time attempt at a sports car featuring a mid-mounted flat-plane 3.2 liter V8 pushing out 260HP at the rear wheels, all for under 39K. Enjoy this labor of love :wink:


Thanks! Usually, however, I only make fully detailed interiors when I want (or have) to, and I’m pleased at how well these turned out considering my lack of experience in that particular field. I actually revised the interior for the 540 GTS after realizing that it could do with some improvements, including the addition of a center armrest and the use of a more curvaceous dash pod compared to the original.

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This chassis is now 18 years old. But it’s still as fresh as ever, and still at the top of the game in 2020


I don’t remember how old this body is, but it’s pretty old. But I like to work with old bodies so here goes nothing! 2020 Vaad Stinger


Does this count?

The 1992 Karuma Ghee Turbo. A Kei “Sports car” (although the 1.3 litre model is shown.)

(still a WIP, just wanted to share it :). Bonus points if you can guess what the name means wihtout google translate)


Ghee is actually a type of butter, mostly from the Indians (and no, I didn’t search up for that)

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correct! imo the car looks like melted butter so… i named it so


You should make a “parking lot racer” version sponsored by a ghee company

That’s the 1985 Group C prototype body, and to be fair, you have done an excellent job adapting it for more modern times.

Avion Marina Tributo


It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, but I’ve been working on a few cool cars!
These are two of them.

The Birchwood Eco-R and the Birchwood Eco-RF

The Eco-R is in the back of picture one, and the right of picture two
The Eco-RF is in the front of picture one, and the left of picture two

Hope you like them! :grin: