Sprint di resistenza 1959

Sprint di resistenza 1959 Regulations:
Engine Size: 5.1L
Engine reliability: 27+
Maximum Material Costs: 180,000
Drivability: 14+
Minimum Total Reliability: 40+
Safety: 20+
Maximum Downforce: R - 200, F - 180
Minimum Downforce: R - 0, F - 0
Minimum Drag: 0.2
Must Haves:
3+ Gears
Radial Tires
Steel rims
Solid Discs

Le Man style car
Do you want more Challenges set in a later period?
Fastest time around the Automation Test track gets 2 air molecules


I’d love to see this more fleshed out; AKA a backstory of some sorts, right now it feels to bare…

looks hot

I like the idea! A couple of questions though:

Given that it’s 1959, is the requirement for solid discs just for the front wheels, or for all 4 wheels?

Also, how would you like us to send in our entries? Do we just send the .car file in a direct-message, or is there something else you’d want us to do with it?

Considering the primitive technology of the time, gearboxes should be manual - automatic gearboxes with 3 gears or more did not become commonplace until several years later.

Not sure if this is even on track still, but i feel like its missing a lot of rules or instructions.