Stars in Sub 10k Cars Challenge

Stars in Sub 10k Cars Challenge

In collaboration with @ST1Letho

Ah, Engineweek.
A show that was premiered in 1977, and was a hit since its first few episodes. People fell in love with the format of the show and how informative it is, especially with its weekly reviews of various cars.
The show grew in popularity with the summer of 2001, when they introduced a new cast member who brought more comedy into the show, thus attracting even people who formerly had no interest in cars at all, and drew them into the world of car culture.

Fast forwards to the Episode 41 in Season 4, year 2006, the show has introduced a new segment called “Star in sub 10K Car”, where famous celebrities were tasked to drive a reasonably cheap car around the studio’s Test Track, to see who is the fastest celebrity around a racetrack in… not so fast car.

Rules and Requirements

General Rules

  • Trim Year should be from 1998 to 2004, model year doesn’t matter as long as it make sense for realism sake.

  • Minmax and illogical/unrealistic choices will be punished

  • No resubmissions

  • We will harshly judging the exterior of the car as it will going on to the show and surely you don’t want Tom Cruise in a very ugly car, right?

Engine Rules

  • Must have three (3) or four (4) cylinders.
  • No race parts allowed
  • No forged internals
  • Standard intake
  • No parts stress
  • Maximal loudness : (28)
  • Maximal displacement : (2000cc)

Max PU : 90
Max ET : 120

Trim Rules

  • Manual transmission only
  • No carbon fibre
  • No active suspension
  • Min. Standard Safety
  • Soft limit price of $20,000
  • 0-60mph is important but there’s no requirement for it.
  • No Semi Slicks

Max PU : 145
Max ET : 145

We will also judge the realism of the car's features and design on the car you made.


mmm, cheap cars.

Deadline and Naming Scheme

23th July 2020 - 5th August 2020

Car and Engine Model : SSCC - Your Username Here
Car and Engine Trim : Free for All.
You can send your .car files either to me or to @ST1Letho via in this forum or Discord.


What exactly is being judged again?
Just looks?

Car as whole, Engineering, Looks, Realism will all matter.

Unleaded fuel and catalytic converters were mandatory in most real-life markets by 1998 (the earliest year of eligibility), and as such they ought to be required for this challenge as well.

Well, it is nice that like everyone knows that, mr. bot.


May I suggest a 2000 IP Urbana 1400 DX sedan in off-white?

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Kyung-Yeong Seobeom '02

The Kyung-Yeong Seobeom (Gibon) is the base model specification, featuring a 660cc naturally aspirated inline 3 producing 44hp and 44lb-ft respectively. This small little runabout can do 0-62mph in just over 18 seconds, it may not look quick, but that’s because it really isn’t.

It was offered in a wide range of colours: Aquamarine, Blueberry, Eco Green, Golden Sand, Lilac, Midnight Dusk, Off-Red, Silver and White Blossom.


insert Tunak Tunak Tun here

2003 Gujarat Vista 1.6 SXi (Export Model)

Lore stuff

Gujarat Motors Limited is an Indian automaker, known for it’s budget and commercial vehicles. Currently it is the largest automaker in the Indian subcontinent. The company is currently headquartered in Bangalore, despite the company was actually founded in 1955 in the state of Gujarat.

The Vista subcompact sedan was launched in 2002 in the Indian market, replacing the woefully outdated Master, which had roots from the 50s. The model shown is the upper range (well specced, but not top-of-the-line) SXi model, with a 102 hp 1.6 liter inline-4 sourced from German automaker Ursula, a step up from the 1.3 liter engines that is sold on the Indian market, as well as some equipment including some that are not offered in Indian units such as traction control, alloy rims, 4 airbags, an improved dashboard and a 4-speaker CD player/radio.

open bob and vagene


On the other hand, I don’t want Cole Trickle to trash a beautiful car either.

So what fuel are we using? What’s realistic is region dependant.


I decided that since the test track is at an airport, I have my design chipped for avgas.

So… Super Leaded?

This seems fun! Gonna take a crack at it.

Leaded fuel is pretty much banned in many countries in 2006 tho.

Correction: For road cars only, plenty of avgas is still using leaded fuel.



'99 GEC GC1 1.8 5-Door Hatch

Knightwick Urban Si

The Knightwick Urban was launched in 1995, this facelift model introduced in 1998.

The entered model is the Si, this has a 1.4 litre engine producing 97bhp@6500rpm.
Visually you get 14" alloy wheels, rear spoiler, front lower spoiler, side skirts and a centre exit sports exhaust.
The gearbox has a lower final drive for improved acceleration, the front brakes are ventilated for lower brake fade, the suspension is lowered and stiffened with a model specific front anti roll bar.


The title of the challenge…

One of the rules…

I know I’m old but…huh?


Franklin Marshall Street 1.6 Sport

We know the kids are preening and pruning their cars so we thought we’d have a go ourselves…and we think it’s rather good.

No compromise, no problem!