Steam key

hi after a long absence I wanted to play the automation game again, I haven’t played it on steam before, but have made a steam key under settings on my profile. How do I get the game onto steam?

regards jasp

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Oh damn, that’s long indeed. So, do I get it right that you have your Steam key ready? If so, open the Steam app (IDK if you can do it through the website), then “Games” > “Activate a product on Steam…”

I know, I know, it’s in Polish, just to show the location - I can’t be bothered to change my system language

And then “Next” > “Agree” (after reading, of course :wink: ) > paste the Steam key into the box and press “Next”

Aaand it should be added!

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(Trying my best to not make a “where do the sentence end and the password start”-joke)

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Better now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your reply, yes 10 years is a long time but I saw that the game has developed a lott since then and thought I should try it and my account was still there. on the tab my profile and preferences I could choose steam, when I activated this button it opened steam and nothing more happened, it was what I thought was a steam key but there was no code. is there anything else i need to do to download the game (could also buy it again but it would be cool with my old account)