Steam Migration

Quick question that I just thought of, when we migrate over to Steam will Automation quit using the My Documents folder for files and store them in its own Automation folder? The Automation folder in My Documents is up to 1.2GB and is eating into my SSDs space quite a bit and I would love for it to NOT be there but instead on my HDD inside the main installation directory.

most of that space is just the installer files, my folder is 1.02 gigs and 788 megs is from the installers. you can move or delete them without a problem.

…Well that was easy…why didn’t I go digging in there to figure it out myself? Still hope I can get that folder moved out of there though :stuck_out_tongue: Not a good place for game files to be on my system.

I’m not so sure to be honest. The files stored there are Pretty user specific.
Many other games, e.g. Civ5, store user specific files in my docs too.
Seems sensible to me to keep saves away from the program files.

Actually I just “fixed” the issue; … ition.html

Just freed up over 10GB alone with the My Documents folder, now Windows has some breathing room :smiley:

Good stuff, separate system and data drives is always a good idea if implemented right.

Especially when you have a small system drive, I do plan on upgrading to a larger 110-130GB system drive when I can afford it but until then I need to keep C: as free as I can since Windows loves surprising me with new updates all the time :stuck_out_tongue: Windows slowly gets fatter with time LOL.

Happening to my waistline too :wink: