Steam thinks Automation isn't installed, except it is

So basically what I think happened was this: launched game yesterday. Worked fine, played it for a bit and then closed the game. Now I’m aware that the game takes a while to properly terminate the process but I had to go so I pretty much hit close and immediately shut the laptop and walked away. This has caused all kinds of weird issues in the past (at least, I’m like 90% sure it is the reason) but I didn’t check before launching it today. Immediately, the RAM usage shot up to 96% at which point the OS locked up (I’m guessing it went up to 100% but didn’t have enough time to update). Even after 15 minutes, it showed no signs of calming down so I force restarted and started up Steam and…

So, I closed and restarted Steam again and it landed me at the same place: it thinks Automation isn’t installed, irrespective of whether I try to launch via Steam or the desktop/start menu shortcut. Now obviously the game install hasn’t gone anywhere…

What do I do? Should I be worried? Should I reach out to Steam support?

Off topic, but I see you have around 1250 hours. How long have you had the game?

I’ve had it since May and I’m at 600 hours.

On a real note, and you’re gonna hate it, a clean install is the only way to really check this kind of stuff in my experience. Either that or the usual verify integrity but I’d guess you’ve been through that.


Ha yeah that’s a good one

Everything’s greyed out. Like Steam properly thinks the install doesn’t exist.

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You’re in unchartered waters now :wink: . Steam support is probably the best idea, unless one of the devs can work out what might be causing it.

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wow thats really gonna solve this guys issue.

You have too much faith in steam support :stuck_out_tongue:


First make sure your Steam Client is up to date (top left menu in Steam). Then just choose to reinstall it, it will then discover existing files and see that it actually is installed :stuck_out_tongue: netting you a minimal download.

If that doesn’t work then I would go ahead and manually delete (or move) the Steam folder for the game:

Your savegames will not be affected by this.

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Yeah, it always says that, and then it goes to discover existing files and you’re downloading basically nothing.

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Try clearing your Steam download cache. Go to the Steam menu in the top left of the window, choose Settings, choose Downloads and then click the “Clear Download Cache” button. Follow the instructions after that.

Yep it’s sorted now. Thanks all!