Steam Workshop modpack

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so i downloaded all workshop mods
and here they are all in one rar. enjoy

credits: none for me, but for those who made those mods

here … p_mods.rar
mirror … p-mods.rar

so did you buy the game?

rhetorical question, btw.

[quote=“Leonardo9613”]so did you buy the game?

rhetorical question, btw.[/quote]

i have it like 4 months

Did you ask anyone if you could re-upload their mods?

I know for sure you didn’t ask me.

tried to upload on this forum. it didn’t work

Thanks a lot for trying dude, but this community has already decided that their mods now more or less belong to Valve, and everyone who doesnt install Steam middleware is not really welcome.

As it is now: want to use mod -> must use Steam -> more loss of control over their computer
For me this means: -> dont want to use mod

B. Content Uploaded to the Steam Workshop

Some games or applications available on Steam (“Workshop-Enabled Apps”) allow you to create User Generated Content based on or using the Workshop-Enabled App, and to submit that User Generated Content (a “Workshop Contribution”) to one or more Steam Workshop web pages. Workshop Contributions can be viewed by the Steam community, and for some categories of Workshop Contributions users may be able to interact with, download or purchase the Workshop Contribution. In some cases, Workshop Contributions may be considered for incorporation by Valve or a third-party developer into a game or into a Subscription Marketplace.

You understand and agree that Valve is not obligated to use, distribute, or continue to distribute copies of any Workshop Contribution and reserves the right, but not the obligation, to restrict or remove Workshop Contributions for any reason.

Specific Workshop-Enabled Apps or Workshop web pages may contain special terms (“App-Specific Terms”) that supplement or change the terms set out in this Section. In particular, where Workshop Contributions are distributed for a fee, App-Specific Terms will address how revenue may be shared. Unless otherwise specified in App-Specific Terms (if any), the following general rules apply to Workshop Contributions.

Workshop Contributions are Subscriptions, and therefore you agree that any Subscriber receiving distribution of your Workshop Contribution will have the same rights to use your Workshop Contribution (and will be subject to the same restrictions) as are set out in this Agreement for any other Subscriptions.

Notwithstanding the license described in Section 6.A., Valve will only have the right to modify or create derivative works from your Workshop Contribution in the following cases: (a) Valve may make modifications necessary to make your Contribution compatible with Steam and the Workshop functionality or user interface, and (b) Valve or the applicable developer may make modifications to Workshop Contributions that are accepted for in-Application distribution as it deems necessary or desirable to enhance gameplay.

You may, in your sole discretion, choose to remove a Workshop Contribution from the applicable Workshop pages. If you do so, Valve will no longer have the right to use, distribute, transmit, communicate, publicly display or publicly perform the Workshop Contribution, except that (a) Valve may continue to exercise these rights for any Workshop Contribution that is accepted for distribution in-game or distributed in a manner that allows it to be used in-game, and (b) your removal will not affect the rights of any Subscriber who has already obtained access to a copy of the Workshop Contribution.

Except where otherwise provided in App-Specific Terms, you agree that Valve’s consideration of your Workshop Contribution is your full compensation, and you are not entitled to any other rights or compensation in connection with the rights granted to Valve and to other Subscribers.[/quote]

Please tell me where it says that my mods belong to valve.

I was not talking about you spefically. Only people who who give their files to Valve who hide it behind a wall without free download link.
So people are tricked to download Steam to get a free mod.

Steam is free to use, as are the mods. The Steam mods do require the Steam version of the game, as it is different from the standalone in some regards, but it’s possible to “update” the standalone version to the Steam version. I make sure to provide non-Steam downloads of my mods so those with the standalone version of the game can also use them.

I would also add that the specific person who uploaded our mods w/o permission had a pirated copy and made requests that people upload free links so that he could use the mods on his pirated copy.

He has also done a lot of trolling and even went on a vacation for it.

So this is why he got shot down, even by people who haven’t made mods.

I was not talking about you spefically. Only people who who give their files to Valve who hide it behind a wall without free download link.
So people are tricked to download Steam to get a free mod.
en’t made any mods.[/quote]

Well, steam is free, so the mod is still free, and it’s a lot easier to manage both for me and the guy downloading it.

Thanks for that.

Also of course if the guy was using a pirated copy and posted this on the official forum, that’s quite cheeky and facepalm worthy

[quote=“TrackpadUser”]Did you ask anyone if you could re-upload their mods?

I know for sure you didn’t ask me.[/quote]

For my mods, anyone can use them except for economical profit.

I don’t care if anyone re-uploads my mods either, as long as they do not take credit for them or make money from them. Both are difficult to do, as all the cars I’ve made (except the 60’s supercar) are vanilla content.

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