Stradale Magazine: Entries Closed. First Edition Underway

Stradale Magazine is a publication primarily focused on covering and comparing sports cars and grand tourers.

Entries are closed. Here’s the list of everyone who submitted. I’ll be releasing the reviews one at a time. Apologies to those I shut the door on, but I didn’t expect to get as many submissions as I did and I decided to go with a different plan than the one I originally had.


I plan on reserving a spot for rcracer11m and findRED19 in the next edition. If things go well and I get this magazine done sooner than I expect I may include those two in the current edition since they responded to my thread so early, but weren’t able to submit their cars.


I need to get to work getting Mott Works into the 50’s now, definitely will try to get something in.

Should the back story be included in the PM or posted here?

In the PM, please.

Could we just link to the story we have posted in our company thread?

That’s fine.

Feel free to browse, if interested, i’ll have to update the 50’s cars to current Automation version.

I have a track car I’d like to send, but not until I finish the story… And to finish the story, I need to finish the family sedan that was produced before the track car. So, hopefully I can get the story done within the next week or two, as I just got done with finals (and have more free time again).

How do you want to handle multiple trims on a sports/track oriented car? I have several trims for this unspoken track car, as my company would refresh it every few years or so over it’s 7+ production span.

Send me all the trims if you can, provided that they all fall within the 50s. I’ll see if I can do anything involving them, maybe covering the car over the entire span of its production.

Production is from 55 til 62 or so. I’ll see if I can get the story posted before I send them though, as I perfect the trims to the story lines when needed.

Edit: and need to figure out the production figures, as aluminum bodies are a limited production item.

How many of you are interested in voting on which 3 cars get the full review? I’ll allow this if I know I’m going to get more than 1 or 2 people voting.

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Well, with the way submissions have been going I’m looking into closing them tomorrow and granting everyone who submitted a full review. This will potentially increase the time it takes me to get the first edition out there, but I think it will be a better route to go than accepting more submissions only to deny most of them a spot in the magazine.

While I have an easy time writing reviews and it’s something I can enjoy doing, I can’t say I enjoy working with graphics, and I honestly can’t bring myself to invest the time I would need to in order to get a good looking magazine that I wouldn’t feel ashamed of. The reviews are going to be like my posts in my car threads, as in there will be some writing and a spec sheet or two I put together using a few screen shots. It was worth some consideration, but after sitting on the idea for a while before making a promise I decided it would be best to simplify things before they got too out of control and made working on this magazine a dreadful experience.

All of that being said, expect the first review within the next few days.


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