Strange amount of lift

Can someone figure out what the h**l is going on with this car?
The lift on the rear is just idiotic, and the topspeed, for a 550+hp car, seems low.
Is a car supposed to GAIN topspeed if the wing, mounted rear, goes from 0 to 100 setting?

robert.norgren - Car Model (93.7 KB)

I think that’s a bug, since Maffc’s Large Princess 2 door variant, or at least the current vanilla version, has around 10 times the rear lift of most other cars.

That sounds like a poorly placed dot problem :stuck_out_tongue: 10x the lift it should have - that can easily happen.

Yeah, I imagine it was a small mistake when the lua got converted to the new format or something like that :laughing:

Or someone wanted to make an airplane :laughing: