Strange sales behavior in 4.2


I’ve noticed a strange car sales behavior in 4.2. Cars are selling like crazy, with huge desirability when they are new, but after a couple of months sells are almost completely drying out. Normally it might have been just pre-orders, but:

  1. The drop in sales is huge. Over just a couple of years basically down to zero.
  2. At the same time desirability can drop down to for example 20%, or 40% for quite min/maxed cars.
  3. Or next month the desirability can jump to hundreds of thousands, with basically zero sales and no changes from my side.
  4. After releasing a face lift, that has barely changed anything, the sales and desirability can skyrocket for a couple of months. I’ve seen desirability values in the main screen around in high thousands of percentages, for virtually the same cars that before face lift had low tens.
  5. I noticed that some weird things are sometimes causing the sales to come back up, like: reloading the game (Like in the attached screen shot KrZAZ WB spiked up for a month after reload around 1979, or for a couple of months for all of the models in late 1979), selling older cars for scraps can also kick start sales of newer cars.

Check for example those three consecutive months/screenshots from reloading the game from aboved screenshot back to 12/1979.

12/1979. Strangely high desirability and good sales after previous year terrible sales (almost zero a couple of months earlier):

1/1980. Ridiculous desirability, dwindling sales:

2/1980. Yet another drastic change of desirability, no sales again for no apparent reason:


Thought this was just me, I started a company selling mostly smaller cars in Fruinia, built my second generation of cars (coming out mid-late 50s) and they lost huge amounts of money and bankrupted the company. Loads sold at first then off a cliff and selling only a quarter of the projection. Went in to change prices and it still said I should be making huge profits!