Streaming Automation on

Hello there,

I was wondering how your attitude is to me streaming Automation in it current state. Showing the car designer, creating a few models and maybe get more people interested in this wonderful project?

As the game is in an early stage, I wouldn’t do it without your permission and I am by no means someone who will attract 10,000 viewers right away, but it is worth a try, I think.

What do you say? :sunglasses:

What its your username? I would watch. I am not a mod, but I think that would be a great idea, as well as free advertising.

Sure, go for it :slight_smile:

Alrighty then!

I will give it a try right now, and then I will be streaming at 10 pm UTC +1 (that’s the Timezone for Berlin etc)

Here is the link:

Secret info, the name is based on my early days as a viewer of formula 1 streams, where I decided to mix my name up with the legendary Murray Walker and Lola as car designer, just because it fits :smiley:

Edit: Question at this point… the weight in the suspension section of the car designer, does it stand for the overall weight of the car? Because it is set to the lowest value by standard, but it doesn’t make sense to me to have car + engine to be at only 450 kg, so I set it to around a 1000 kg usually, depending on the cassis and material. Is there no value set for each component?

In the current public version you are playing, the total weight slider is needed to make for reasonable weights because most weight isn’t calculated yet. The weight that you see at the lowest point of the slider is bare-bones chassis and body panels, nothing else. So of course that would be very light. :slight_smile: The slider will be removed once we have all the weight calcs in the game.

Hey guys, haven’t been able to stream lately, but now I am back with a new channel.

I will stream Automation tonight and in the next days in preparation for the new patch and after the release of it of course (I am not participating in the open beta) here:

Now streaming with the latest Update 1356:

In case you don’t want to miss me streaming Automation (I will be doing it for the next few days for sure) follow me on twitter: