Street Races (completed)

Oh, in that case, I’m super happy for you! I’m sorry about such a mess, I will change the rules right now to fit your liking.

Which was to have the designers give their consent before letting other designers use their content in a pic on this thread. Sorry for the trouble.

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Too bad we can’t get the black supercar…

That one is my favorite car EVER!!!

And which supercar would that be?

The Asaki95 car which you posted.

Apologies for the interuption… but Discourse isn’t exactly a free chat site…
do discuss in DMs… not the thread… doing this before the Moderators get annoyed.


Too bad we can’t get the black supercar…
That one is my favorite car EVER!!!

@sveris45 please stop asking for the car because like I have stated multiple times now and counting, the car is premium content and therefore not up for sale or free download. The car is strictly, “you win it, you get it”, and I’m afraid that until we hear anything else from the part of my team developing RIDGE465 (the car’s team) then that’s just that. I would give one to you if it was my project but it isn’t and I am also not the one in charge of distribution for that car because I am not its designer. And yes for this thread it may seem a little odd but we all run this profile as a group and that’s why I post all the content we make because that’s part of the designer conditions we have to follow. I’d go into this with a lot furthr detail but as you can see this post is already starting to kind of pile up. Sorry for any inconvenience


We now will view likes on all street race shots excluding mine.

And the winner is @Tzuyu_main! Their picture had 4 likes and won by a single like. I considered it kindhearted of me to leave my like on ALL the pictures and counting my likes that’s what the final count adds up to.

Just to show what I mean here are the results of this challenge:

  1. @Tzuyu_main (4)
  2. @GassTiresandOil (3)
  3. @TheLapTopX20 (1)

Included in the parenthesis are the final like count for the above listed posters’ pics. Whoa that statement was a little confusing…

Anyway I hope you all enjoy this challenge and the next challeng from me is coming up very soon (as in like any minute) so plz don’t miss out!!! Well done to all of you for your excellent work. The winner will be receiving the prize via PM. Farewell and see you at the next challenge!!!