Street Races (completed)

Hey it’s me. This challenge has been completed and is no longer in action. My next challenge can be found here:

Workshop Challenge #1 | Can You Recreate This Car?
Please make sure to check it out! It would make my day!

Hey there! I think there needs to be a thread where we make street-race scenes with Automation. Here are the rules:

You must:
-post from 2 to 10 participating vehicles
-make sure to give their names
-NOT post vehicles that are huge or oversized
-NOT post other people’s content (unless they allow you to)
-enjoy this thread

You can also:
-add police cars (for an NFS style race)
-post with an edited background
-mark an HUD on your picture
-create a wreck or crash instance (i.e. a race in traffic)

The poster of the pic receiving the most likes at the end of the week this week will receive a one-of-a-kind prototype on which my whole team spent at least 12 hours in total. You will be given the version that is currently under beta-testing. In order to keep the secret, in the PM I will ask you not to leak or share ANY pictures or other media featuring this car, we cannot allow that.


I think I’m gonna post a race here coming up in a bit.

Left to right:
Whipsnake One (green)
Asaki 95 (black)
Trayfin Speudel (blue)
Kizashi Tomahawk-V (gold)

This one I posted as an example, likes put on this one do not count towards the raffle.

I really like the black supercar! What is it and where can I get it? I really want to know!!!

That would be the Asaki 95. It says so in the post. It’s part of the rules of this thread. Unfortunately you can’t really get that car anywhere without winning it. Completely unrelated, but did you make that new thread yet?

Kamata RC410 (left) VS Grover Hurricane SS V (right)

(like a Pokemon-GX)

Different post same point guys.

Front to Back:
2013 Alba SLT-E Tuner - Red & White
2020 Alba SS2 HasteR - White
1992 Alba Sobrio Hotrod - Also White

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i honestly wish that the photo mode had options for body roll

@TheLapTopX20 here’s a suggestion:

Step 1: Take a pic of your car by itself
Step 2: Go to to remove the background
Step 3: Paste the image on to your picture sideways.

That doesn’t account for suspension travel.

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Whoa, whoa, guys. I agree with all of you for different reasons. If you need help sorting this out please refer to me via PM.

LEFT: 1985 Seikatsu 10K FX Tidebreak Turbo Type Rally Raid
RIGHT: 1991 Hitomoji Alteron Sport (by @GetWrekt01)


That pair belongs in Radwood… And also the WRC or Dakar rallies. Both of them look like they could tackle any kind of terrain with ease!


Left: 1969 Armor Tempas GT
Right: 2020 Armor AMP (electric car)


-NOT post other people’s content

@Tzuyu_main please do not use cars made by other people in your pictures! As you can see, I quoted part of the rules for this thread that require standard users not to use content which they did not make.

However everybody’s pics look very nice, and please know that by reminding people of my thread’s rules for standard users when they break them, that I do not intend to put them down. I think everybody’s pictures are nice, and that includes @Tzuyu_main 's picture as well. So please know that I really want to help everyone so that we can have a really good time here. Please PM me with any questions.

But If he hás the .car and made the pic, the user who made It knows and accepted, what is the problema after all. There is some guys here that are Nice photographers and yeah i would def prefer they taking Photo of my cara instead of me


I understand that, I was just thinking of the car’s owner.

Wait, where’s the challenge or competition part in this? Am I missing something that’s intended but not written?

Yes there is. After another day or two there will be a prize for the best liked street-race picture. I’m sorry for not verifying.

to echo Arvok’s words, I have no problems whatsoever with @Tzuyu_main putting up a picture of my car alongside his. Rather, it was a pleasant surprise for me and I’m genuinely happy about it. Cheers!