Workshop Challenge #1 | Can You Recreate This Car?

Hey all! I thought it would be fun to recreate a couple’a cars I find particularly interesting. They will be listed in a series of workshop challenges. The first one is:

RUF R50 concept, as shown in PGR4 (source IGCD.NET)

Please let me know via PM if anything is going wrong and you need me to know. I would much prefer that to people posting random junk in this challenge thread seeing as how I check my PM inbox daily and am very careful to read whatever comes up to my attention.

The same rules (most of them anyway) apply to this challenge from my previous challenge, Street Races. Go here to check out the results: Street Races (completed)

Anyway here’s what returns from that thread (some have been edited from their previous forms):

You must:
-post only 1 entry per contestant
-NOT post vehicles that are huge or oversized into the background
-NOT post other people’s content (unless they allow you to)
-NOT cheat and mod your own parts for your car (that is frowned upon bigtime in my threads)
-enjoy this thread

At some point in this challenge I may remove the oversize vehicle clause, it just looks stupid and idiotic.

Please post all participating entry(s) down below by Saturday, August 1 for a chance to win a special World Premiere Edition of the Himmel Kommend-E, plus your choice of one of the following:

-Barsone Scorcher
-Asaki 95
-Solvalou Yamaneko

Please list which one you want in your post. Just like all of my challenges, the poster whose RUF R50 car has the most likes by judgment time on Saturday is the winner!

Now let’s do this!!!



Its not that hard finding pictures


You’re right! By the way I love your choice of pics!

I am changing the topic of this post to the RUF R50. I think it’s very pretty.

The R50 never made it into production, by the way, but at least it served as a stepping stone to the later CTR3.

Now that we have discussed the R50 to point, I think we should try to create some remakes seeing as how that’s what this challenge thread is for. I am now opening a discussion thread concerning cars like the R50 which have been forgotten over time. Thank you!

here is my contribution I hope you enjoy typing this on my fucking smartphone