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Strelkan Qiche die Firma is the first automobile company in Strelka, and is partially owned by the Strelkan Government. It was founded in 1954, and continues to make a variety of vehicles to this day, and has expanded to multiple car companies. It is currently the largest car company in Strelka.

The company is based in Dirnburn, Strelka, which is the largest city. SQF was founded by Mathias Schulberg, a Vienan, and Li Zhaoxang, a Wssendstadtian.

[Simplified History of Strelka, until the Civil War]

In 1953, Mathias Schulberg, living in Dinsmark, the largest city and capital of Strelka, a Vienna who worked in mechanical engineering would go on make a deal with Li Zhaoxang, to make automobiles in Strelka, which formed Schulberg-Zhaoxang . The company made a deal with the Government of Strelka, where they would sponsor the manufacturing of locally designed cars in Strelka, in exchange for 43.7% of the company. The deal was signed, and the company was renamed to Strelkan Qiche die Firma, by the government, and the company produced cars only for Strelka until 1983, when the nation opened to the public. In 1994, the company created Schulzhao Automobiles, and purchased Zruvai GmbH.


The story sounds weird but interesting, is there some more worldbuilding or lore behind it?

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Yeah, there is a lot, but its kind of pointless to share here as a lot of it has nothing automotive related.