Stroker Automotive Reboot

A year ago, I made a Company Journal on this company, using really crappy image editing. So I’m rebooting it, because it was bad.


1914 - Birth of Jim-Bob Acherman (April) and Fred Tyler

1946 - Acherler is founded

1949 - Production of First Automobile

1964 - Acherler is Bought by the Sim St. Model Homes division of Acme Co.

1967 - Name Changed to Stroker Automotive

1982 - Stroker Automotive becomes independent

1986 - Stroker is bought by Woodland Industrial corporation

1996 - Stroker Automotive is shut down due to human negligence charges

Car lineup as Acherler:

Acherler Sport (1951-1956) (1958-1963)
Acherler Custom (1949-1954)
Acherler Sumptuosity (1956-1962)

Car lineup as Stroker Automotive

Stroker Renegade (1971-1974) (1976-1982) (1992-1995)
Stroker Truck (1971-1986) (1991-1994)
Stroker Adventure (1987-1994)
Stroker Sumptuosity (1989-1996)

Stroker Automotive - Being Jealous of your design skills, since 2014. Sorry for no pics.