Struggle with Updates

I remember one time the game was working on Unreal Engine 4_24, but then it was rebased on 4_27. Can you make an optional ban on automatic updating of the game, because this will overwrite all previous mods? At the moment, there is exist two ways to deal with updates – it to turn off the Internet, or create a backup copy of the game. And if you are transferring game files to a new engine, could you leave the option to play older versions as an option?

I am talking about the emergence of special button, which prohibiting automatic updates in the Steam dialogue menu,
and also about the possibility of launching the old version through the Launcher menu.
At the moment, all three choices mean installing a new version.

Moreover, most likely, the copying operation via Steam will create an image of a clean game, and using mods will be impossible, because they are not tied to the game and they are launched only through Steam.

At the moment the game weighs 26.4 gigabytes + 38.8 gigabytes of mods.







This options really works with mods?

As I noticed, there has mods only for 4_24 and 4_27, therefore is no interest in switching to older versions, because there are no mods presented.