Subsidiary Companies

Wondering what can u do with an other company like u have full control on what they make, there bussines and also the parent company at the same time. Can u Manage money, dealerships? What kind of features would be in automation about this topic? Thanks, Mercy.

Yeah, think of it like Toyota and Lexus. The main advantage of it is repuation. As one company, all your cars effect the company’s reputation. But if you split it into Toyota and Lexus, you can make LS600s without having their reputation dragged down by Corollas, that kind of thing

I get it and like they both have their own dealerships, use the same factory, ect. Would that be in the game? And an off question, when are u guys are going to start working on the bussiness side of automation? I did see the estimated release dates of content but just wondering.

Yeah, they’d share infrastructure like tech and factories.

Business stuff we’ll seriously start on sometime early 2013

Since Toyota Group owns Toyota Motor Corp., and then Toyota Motor corp. owns Lexus, then does Lexus’s cars effect Toyota’s rep? And does Lexus and Toyota’s rep both effect Toyota Group’s rep? And will you be able to buy out other companies in the game? Either peacefully for through a hostile take over? And could you merge Companies?

Now this part I love.

So you can definitely have more than one company?