Sudden Jump in total and material costs

I’ve stumbled across a weird glitch where my car jumps in cost by about 40% for no apparent reason if I change a cam profile by 1 click.

Body: 2003 MR 2.3m wheelbase
Configuration: mid-engine AWD (seems to happen regardless of the layout)
Engine: doesn’t seem to matter but I’m using various versions of the 6 cylinder layouts as they’re what fit best

Here is a nice sporty modern 2.7L i6 with minimal tech slider spam.

It goes in a mid-engined, AWD short wheelbase car, kind of like a not-unreasonably priced dream team of stuff on paper that would never ever make it to production in real life a shame, really

Now I change the cam profile by one click and boom, the demographic scores suddenly take a huge hit!

Why? The costs! What gives!? I didn’t change anything else at all! But, as you can see, the service costs jump massively as do the material costs of the car (but not the engine).

Also here is the car file: Model 6 - Trim (22.0 KB)

EDIT: It appears to be a power thing. When the power of the car exceeds 384hp, something else clicks. I’ve checked the transmission settings and all kinds of combinations of tunes and that’s the magic number for this car. 384hp or less, the costs are cheap. 385hp or more, and suddenly it’s astronomically expensive.

EDIT 2: and now I closed and restarted the game, the file doesn’t do it anymore, weirdly enough. Was something else glitching or another component changing without my knowing? The stats don’t seem to change enough for that to happen, so maybe it’s more the order in which the calculations and multipliers are parsed?


Found the issue:

When changing the gearing the tyre type changes and the cost multiplier goes quite wonky.


Depending on what size and quality of tires you have chosen the jump indeed should be massive between Y and (Y) tires. The earlier the more extreme it is, but indeed the display is bugged at the moment. Also it should take the actual top speed as a measure, not the gearing top speed. I’ll note that down as a bug.


Ah this makes sense, now that I looked it up and (for everybody else’s benefit) note that (Y) denotes the tyre has been tested above 300km/h. So to be a bit pedantic about it, if the threshold is above 300km/h, and it jumps from Y at 313km/h to (Y) at 308km/h, is the game using not so much the gearing as it is the estimated top speed before applying drag or other collaterals?