Suggestion: Official Method of Appealing Moderation Decisions

With the Changes/Updates to Forum Rules and Guidelines, I feel like there is a missing element within the new guidelines in which we are meant to interact.

Why is there still no method in which someone could appeal a ban or other moderation decision within the community?

As it stands, there is not a single method or way in which one could reasonably go about requesting reconsideration of moderation decisions within any areas in which the community interacts officially. Many other communities have clear guidelines about processes that come following a ban or other extensive moderation decision, such as guidelines on how long someone should wait to appeal; such as 6 months, a year, etc. Within this space, you are heavily left in the dark as to how someone could move through a request to reconsider. From what I have gathered in conversation with users who have been banned, it has lead to a rather negative perception that could have easily been avoided, and can be avoided in future.

I am not presenting this suggestion as a selfish method, but instead as something that could be beneficial going forward for transparency in moderation, as well as reducing the negative effects one could feel in decisions that one would feel unfair, and heavily reducing the actions taken that make actions worse on both sides.


There will be an Automation colosseum of the banned members and the last one standing in the arena gets to be unbanned.



coming from a former banned member (Discord), from what experienced, it felt tedious to appeal as you had to DM a mod directly, and for the first time I was told to come back in 6 months. (Banned on 31 May 2020)

Held it off for later, Asked another mod and got denied after a decision. (Dec 2020)

I don’t remember my other appeals but I had to DM a mod directly, Appealed again this time, got approved. (Aug 2022)

If my Discourse and Discord account was banned (or one of the other), I wouldn’t be able to appeal any Automation related bans and would practically be a permaban.